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Home and Personal Security

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Home and Personal Security Surveys and Assessments

The security of your family, home and property is clearly important and you will have taken steps to protect these in the best way you see fit.  After all, the last thing you want to find is that thieves or vandals have broken into your house with the financial loss and distress that always causes.

However well-intentioned and informed the measures are that you have taken to protect yourself, these may not always be fit-for-purpose.  Some areas of your home may be well secured whilst others have been overlooked, these will be obvious to criminals who are only too aware of any vulnerability in security.

If you are concerned that your security arrangements are not adequate then Surelock can help you.  Our qualified surveyors will systematically examine your property from the point of view of its geographical position and aspect, perimeter, integrity of the buildings, entry points, valuables and existing physical and electronic security measures.

Once the survey has been carried out an illustrated survey report will be sent to you with the results of our findings, any vulnerabilities in security detected and ways these can be addressed with prioritised, cost-effective solutions.

Don’t leave it until you have already had a break-in – call Surelock now and ask how we can help you better protect you, your home and your possessions.