<h1 class="entry-title">Month: March 2010</h1>

Don’t Put Up With Counterfeits!

Surelock is one of the premier investigative companies in the UK specialising in intellectual property rights investigations and trade mark infringements worldwide LET US TAKE YOUR COUNTERFEITS OFF THE STREET During 2008 we seized approximately £12,400,000 million worth of counterfeit clothing and merchandise jointly on behalf of our clients, we carried out a number of […]

Police to Crackdown on Fake 2012 Olympics Tickets

Police in London will set up specialist teams to investigate counterfeit tickets and other fraud attempts at the 2012 Olympics but, according to Which? Computing, online scammers have already turned their interests toward selling ‘fake’ tickets to the event on the web. Tickets for the London Games go on sale next year but police are […]

Getting Home Safely- Don’t be a Victim

In London alone, recent statistics show that 11 women are attacked each month after taking an unlicensed minicab.  80% of stranger rapes are committed by unlicensed cab drivers. Always look for the cab licence number, phone number printed on the side, and discs in the front and back windows to see if it the minicab […]

Garden Security

It is important that the security of your garden is considered together with that of your home.  Effective security measures will not only protect your possessions in outbuildings and the garden itself but will also help to deter an attack on the house.  The risk is all the greater because in many households both partners […]

UK Online Banking Fraud Losses Up in 2009

On 10th March 2010 the UK Cards Association released its figures on card and banking fraud in 2009. And there is some good news and some bad news for Britons. The summary results are: Fraud on debit and credit cards fell by more than a quarter in 2009 to about $658 million. Counterfeit card fraud […]

“Griff” the Gargoyle Targets Church Thieves

Gargoyles are the traditional guardians of the building on which they are placed and it is hoped the unusual image will be a powerful reminder to thieves that they are being watched by unseen eyes.  A campaign called “Church Watch” that was launched at Manchester Cathedral following a theft of lead in August 2008 uses […]

Protect Yourself Against Car Theft

Although vehicle crime has dropped by more than 66% since it peaked in 1995 there were still nearly 1.5 million vehicle-related thefts recorded in 2007-08.  During this period, car-related crimes accounted for 13% of all recorded crime in England and Wales but on a happier note having security equipment on your car – especially an […]

Protecting Your Property by Security Marking

Property marking is an internationally accepted means of rendering your property identifiable both to yourself and the police. In the United Kingdom this is effected by using the postcode of the premises to which the property belongs, together with the name or part of the name. We recommend that every item of value (where practicable) […]