<h1 class="entry-title">Month: January 2014</h1>

Woman from Arnold Found Guilty of Five Trade Mark Offences

An Arnold woman has received a six-month supervision order for selling counterfeit clothing via the social media site Facebook at Nottingham Magistrates Court this Wednesday (8 January). Laura Franks, 32, of Kingswell Avenue, Arnold, pleaded guilty to six offences against the Trade Marks Act 1994 and was also ordered to pay £600 towards prosecution costs […]

United Kingdom Defamation Act Now in Force

The Defamation Act 2013, in force since 1 January 2014, reforms the law of defamation in the UK. The Act aims to balance the right to freedom of expression and people’s ability to protect their reputation. It introduces a new serious harm threshold, which is meant to discourage trivial claims that harm freedom of speech. […]