<h1 class="entry-title">Month: April 2014</h1>

Enfield Company Director Found Guilty of Selling Counterfeits

The director of a private company has been found guilty of selling high class counterfeit clothing. Kabamba Tabukanga, director of Gramadi Place Limited in Hoe Lane, Enfield, pleaded guilty to 16 charges of selling counterfeit goods. For each charge he was fined £1,5000 with each offence running concurrently. The 53-year-old was also ordered to pay […]

Hiring a Private Investigator

Jonathan Rayner, a staff writer of the Law Society Gazette, explains what a law firm can do to distinguish between good and bad private investigators. Hiring a private investigator was once, to coin a phrase, elementary. You would take a hansom cab to 221B Baker Street. There would be no uncouth discussion of fees or, […]

‘Heartbleed’ Bug Bypasses Web Encryption

A major new vulnerability called Heartbleed could let attackers gain access to users’ passwords and fool people into using bogus versions of Web sites. Some already say they’ve found Yahoo passwords as a result. The problem, disclosed on 8th April, is in open-source software called OpenSSL that’s widely used to encrypt Web communications. Heartbleed can […]