<h1 class="entry-title">Month: November 2014</h1>

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Terrorist Tools

The theme for Friday 28th November is “Terrorist Tools”. Terrorists need tools like guns, ammunition and explosives to operate. The Government is working to make it more difficult for people intent on harm to get hold of weapons and explosives. Firearms, ammunition and commercial explosives are regulated in the UK, which has led to the […]

Watchmakers Take Action to Prevent Download of Copyrighted Smartwatch Designs

The world’s leading designers of luxury wristwatches are making a concerted effort to stop the growing trend of copying traditional watch-faces on to smart devices. TorrentFreak, the piracy news site, reports that big brands including Omega, Tissot, Certina and Mondaine have taken exception to so-called ‘pirate’ faces being made available for new smartwatches, and are now trying […]

£25,000 Bill for eBay Trader Convicted of Selling Fake Cosmetics

An eBay seller from Exmouth who was convicted of supplying fake and unsafe cosmetic products has been ordered to pay almost £25,000 following a financial investigation into the profits made from the sales under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Deborah Hamber received a four month suspended prison sentence plus 150 hours of community service at Exeter […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Terrorist Financing

The theme for Thursday 27th November is “Terrorist Financing”. Points to remember are: The fight against terrorism includes effective actions to impede the flow of funds that terrorist organisations depend upon to secure weapons and other materials. Terrorists raise money through money laundering, posing as charity fundraisers, placing false charity collection boxes in shops and […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Transport Hubs

The theme for Tuesday 25th November is “Transport Hubs”. Terrorists have targeted transport and transport hubs for violent attacks. Security at train stations and other transport hubs has been increased but the police want people to be vigilant and report potential threats.           For counter terrorism information regarding the railway network: […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Crowded Places

The theme for Monday 24th November is “Crowded Places”. Crowded Places, which can include bars, restaurants and nightclubs, may be vulnerable to a range of criminality including terrorism.   The link below provides counter terrorism security advice to those who own, operate, manage or work in bars, pubs and nightclubs.  To keep people safe, business secure […]

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

  From Monday 24th November a national counter terrorism awareness week is being launched to encourage people to be vigilant and tell them about simple measures they can take to make it harder for terrorists to attack the UK. Following the increase of the international terrorism threat to severe, there is a heightened need to […]

Couple who Made Fake One Direction and Race for Life Merchandise Ordered to Pay £75,000

  Surelock had, as part of ongoing anti-counterfeit investigations, identified the eBay and web site of Fonfella as selling several of our music artists counterfeit garments.  We subsequently made test purchases and carried out our observations to establish the location of the business.  These findings were reported to Sutton Trading Standards and a joint operation […]