<h1 class="entry-title">Month: January 2015</h1>

Pop Star Rihanna Wins Legal Battle

Singer Rihanna has won a legal battle against high street store Topshop over a T-shirt bearing her image. The Court of Appeal in London upheld a ban on the store selling a sleeveless T-shirt featuring a photo of the star without obtaining her permission. In the first successful celebrity case of its kind, three appeal […]

Two Jailed for Selling Counterfeit Goods in A Bit of Magic

A man selling fake perfumes, pocketing over £120,000, has been jailed for 16 months. Patrick Morris, 65, operated his online knock-down-priced business “a-bit-of” from his home in Deal. Alongside him in the counterfeit con was godson James Cumming, 42, who described himself as an online shop manager. Cumming was jailed alongside Morris for six […]

Worthing eBay Seller Prosecuted for Selling Counterfeit Tee Shirts

Mr Joseph David Walker of Worthing was prosecuted on Friday 9th January 2015 in Worthing Magistrates Court for the manufacture, possession and sale of counterfeit tee shirts bearing Led Zeppelin and ACDC etc. trade marks. He pleaded guilty and received a fine of £2,500, costs of £1,324.76 and a £50 victim surcharge. Mr Walker was offering these items for […]