<h1 class="entry-title">Month: August 2015</h1>

Anti-Counterfeiting – More Crucial Than You Might Imagine!

The impact of counterfeiting on consumers and legitimate businesses is well illustrated in an short article on LinkedIn Pulse by David Howell, a brand protection and anti-counterfeiting expert.  Although it is written from a U.S. perspective his comments are universal as counterfeiting is a worldwide problem that affects all of us. David explains that counterfeits […]

Property and Equipment Seized at London Counterfeiter’s Premises

Surelock, acting on behalf of TRAP and together with officers from Southwark Trading Standards and Police, raided Unit 13, Matara Mews, London SE17 3DW, the premises used by the prolific eBay seller “elgenuk2014” who had been selling numerous counterfeits of our clients’ brands.  All offending stock, screen printers and equipment were dismantled and seized.  Surelock will assist […]

Government is Reviewing the Bribery Act

The Government is reviewing the Bribery Act after business leaders claimed it was making it difficult for British firms to export goods. The Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, is inviting companies to comment on whether the tough anti-corruption measures are “a problem”. Critics fear it is a way of weakening the law at a time when […]