<h1 class="entry-title">Month: October 2015</h1>

Old Spitalfields Market Stall Holder Prosecuted for Selling Counterfeit T-Shirts

Following a reconnaissance carried out by Surelock on behalf of TRAP in October 2014 at Old Spitalfields Market, Commercial Street, London E1, a stall holder Rajesh Joshi, was identified selling counterfeit One Direction, The Beatles and Ramones t-shirts, which were seized by Tower Hamlets Trading Standards and Joshi was prosecuted.   On 22 October 2015 […]

Surelock is a member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI)

Surelock’s Directors and Investigators are members of the Association of British Investigators. By being accredited members of the ABI, this demonstrates that Surelock:     • Has passed an in-depth screening process showing compliance with respect to: ✓ Criminality ✓ Probity ✓ Character ✓ Professional Standing ✓ Competency • and also that Surelock ✓ Has been notified and […]

20% of Cybercrime Victims Think They Were Specifically Targeted

Action Fraud is supporting Get Safe Online Week 2015 (19th to 24th October) which aims to educate, inform and raise awareness of online security issues to make sure individuals and small businesses use the internet safely and confidently. In a specially commissioned survey for Get Safe Online Week over one in five (21%) victims of […]

eBay Seller Jailed for Selling £220,000 of Counterfeit Designer T-Shirts

Surelock assisted in this case by providing authentication evidence on behalf of numerous music artists merchandisers, working together as TRAP. Barry Wayne Pritchard of Cae Gabriel, Penycae near Wrexham has been jailed for 18 months after selling around £220,000 worth of counterfeit designer t-shirts on eBay over six years.  Pritchard was sentenced on the basis that he […]

Has the Crime Rate in England and Wales Really Doubled?

At first glance it would appear that the crime rate in England and Wales has doubled, looking at the headline figures in the latest Crime Survey published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  However,  the figures now include an estimate of fraud for the first time, based on its Crime Survey.  There were also […]

A Look At Some of the UK’s Most Devious Scams in Recent History

It is easy to dismiss scams as something which happen to other people; most notably we consider the elderly to be vulnerable to the despicable wiles of the conman, or maybe we think only those considered ‘less than worldly’ will be duped. However, recent reports show that none of us are immune to the attentions […]

TRAP seizes £10m of counterfeit goods

Body has also had over 100,000 listings removed from Amazon. A group of rights holders and merchandisers are upping the ante in their campaign to stop the selling of unofficial product – and has already seized over £10 million of counterfeit licensed goods. Traders and Rights Holders Against Piracy (TRAP) is a worldwide collective of rights holders […]