<h1 class="entry-title">Month: April 2016</h1>

The Dangers of Fake Alcohol

Producing fake alcohol is being seen as a way of making money and it can be bought cheaply. However it’s a big problem because of the risks it poses to people’s health, it can cause anything from nausea to blindness and even death. What is fake alcohol? Fake or illegally produced alcohol is alcohol that […]

Court Orders Counterfeit Seller from Cornwall to Pay £4000 Costs

This successful prosecution followed a covert operation by Surelock, working on behalf of TRAP (Trade Mark and Rights Holders Against Piracy) identifying eBay sites and making test purchases of our clients’ counterfeit merchandise, then working  with Cornwall Trading Standards to identify the offender and raid the premises. David Scott trading as Bubble And Bling attended Bodmin […]