<h1 class="entry-title">Month: August 2016</h1>

Subscription Trap

The word trap is usually not a nice word. Instantly a device designed to catch and retain an animal springs to mind, or a trick planned to deceive someone or catch them unaware. Okay, so trap music seems to be one form that’s not so awful depending on your music taste (Oh dear – switch […]

Surelock is a Member of the “Real Deal”

Surelock is now a member of The Real Deal.  The Real Deal campaign is a cross-sector, partnership initiative, bringing together local authority trading standards services, market operators and traders, industry groups, and copyright and trademark owners, all of whom are united with a common commitment to tackling the problem of illicit traders at markets who sell counterfeit […]

Surelock Sponsors a School in Uganda

Through an old friend and former Police colleague, Steve Gaskin, who does so much charitable work for the education of children in Uganda, Surelock have proudly sponsored a school where our small donation will help with school uniforms, book bags, mini white boards and will assist with the cost of supporting a child through an academic year. Below […]