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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Conference Looks to Shape Global Response to Intellectual Property Crime

  • September 26, 2016
  • Shaping international action against evolving threats to intellectual property is the focus of the 10th International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property (IP) Crime Conference in London.

    Globally recognized as the leading IP law enforcement conference of its kind, the event brings together some 500 senior police leaders, government officials, and security and industry experts from more than 100 countries. They will seek to further strengthen partnerships and best practices against IP crime, and review emerging crime trends in areas such as 3D printing.

    The two-day conference (19 and 20 September) is co-hosted by INTERPOL and the City of London Police, in partnership with UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

    “The global response to Intellectual Property Crime has come a long way in the last ten years, as has the global partnership work to disrupt criminality. The key to this is through the cyber disruption we coordinate with our industry partners, with the support of the Intellectual Property Office, INTERPOL, EUROPOL and overseas enforcement colleagues,” said Ian Dyson, Commissioner of the City of London Police.

    “Preventing harm to consumers from potentially dangerous counterfeit goods and preventing livelihoods supported by industries affected by IP crime will remain a primary focus for us over the next decade, as we adapt our expertise in tackling every new challenge on the horizon,” added Commissioner Dyson.

    INTERPOL’s Executive Director of Police Services, Tim Morris, said that since the creation of INTERPOL’s IP crime unit in 2003, its activities undertaken worldwide with partners had led to seizures valued at more than USD 500 million, and the training of thousands of law enforcement officers.

    “One challenge that has remained over the years is that the demand for counterfeit or pirated goods remains widespread, due in part to consumer perception that IP crime is a ‘victimless’ crime, when the opposite is true, as testified sadly by the many victims of counterfeit cough mixtures, alcohol or electric goods,” said Mr Morris.

    With IP crime fueling insecurity, impacting health safety and preventing economic growth, Mr Morris said that INTERPOL was streamlining its global efforts against rapidly evolving IP and pharmaceutical crime under its new Illicit Goods and Global Health Programme.

    “This event has developed into a vital platform gathering public and private sector organizations to share best practices, develop new tools and create stronger partnerships to advance our common purpose of combatting transnational organized IP crime, promoting safety worldwide and developing joint initiatives,” said Keith Williams, President and CEO, UL.

    Earlier this year a joint INTERPOL-Europol operation which also involved regulatory authorities saw the largest-ever seizures of fake food and drink in a bid to protect public health and safety and disrupt the organized crime networks behind the trafficking in fake goods.

    Operation Opson V led to the seizure of more than 10,000 tonnes and one million litres of hazardous fake food and drinks across 57 countries.

    “For our common response to remain relevant as transnational organized crime evolves, it must also tackle the links between this crime and others – such as human trafficking, drugs, terrorism and cybercrime, and build our capacity to address it,” said Michael Ellis, head of INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods unit.

    In this respect, the last decade has also seen the successful development of the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC), an INTERPOL Initiative undertaken jointly with UL University.

    The online training platform has evolved into a highly recognized learning tool for law enforcement globally, accessed by 12,000 users from more than 140 countries. INTERPOL plans to further evolve IIPCIC into a broader consortium of partners from academia, police and private sector, expanding especially in China with support from its Ministry of Public Security and China Police colleges.

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Action Against Camden Pirates

  • September 20, 2016
  • In September alone Surelock, acting on behalf of TRAP (Trademarks and Rights holders Against Piracy) and other clients, have assisted officers from Camden Trading Standards and ACG members carry out enforcements on a major screen print factory / warehouse, seven retail stores, two large stalls dedicated to music merchandise and a street market in Camden High Street area, cleaning them all of counterfeit goods. Our thanks goes to the hard work and dedication of the team at Camden TS.


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Are Private Investigators Only Hired By The Rich And Famous?

  • September 19, 2016
  • Portrait of confident male entrepreneur in front of car and private jet
    A question I was recently asked “Are private investigators only hired by the rich and famous?”
    and my answer “Absolutely no, not at all!”
    In this day of ever stretching resources, private investigators certainly fill a very important gap in many different areas. We are experts in our field, qualified, accredited and professional but with something a little bit special; we are approachable. I’ve chatted to people who just want to tell someone that something awful has happened to them and get some direction of how to deal with it. Sometimes it’s just that old saying of “a problem shared”.

    There are companies that know they are losing money through fraudulent activities but just don’t know where to start unravelling and making sense of what is taking place, how to prevent it happening in the future or putting a package of evidence together to obtain the desired outcome. That’s when we are more valuable than you could have envisaged, and absolutely worth thinking about. Known for tenacity, we have assisted in many a court case where just that extra search provided the evidence that swung the case in the client’s favour, saving the possibility of huge costs awarded against them. There is something quite rewarding in knowing you are right and succeeding in proving it; sometimes you just need the help of someone who knows which direction to channel the investigation to prove that fact for you.
    Budgets get cut and the thought of hiring a private investigator may feel hard to justify, but what if “ghost workers” are your scary thought? You’ll be amazed how often it takes place and how easy it is to task us to prove their existence for your company. Ultimately an investigation could save you more than money in the long run; a company’s reputation is often priceless.

    Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that sometimes the police just don’t have resources to find the evidence needed to classify a crime as worthy of investigation. That is where we can make a major difference. We can investigate and package the necessary evidence that makes that crime committed against you or your company one which shows there is evidence supporting the crime classification. Moreover, the eventual outcome may be the difference of a prosecution.

    Health and safety audits can be put into place to check workers are adhering to company policy, which can make you significant savings in a court case. We have experience of regular checks with various companies where we report back failures and successes. Look at the bigger picture of what can be achieved; sometimes a pat on the back will keep that workforce you have trained, happy and content, sometimes it can save a life. Again, that’s priceless.

    Peace of mind is sometimes invaluable. Surveillance can be performed to give you peace of mind, to prove something or to negate something. Our eyes and ears become your eyes and ears. Pictures say a thousand words. That could be a strapline!

    So, how long is that piece of string? I’m not saying rich and famous are not welcome, but don’t ever let it think you are not worthy of our services because you are not rich and famous!

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