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Rogue Traders Sentenced after Police Find Cache of Fake Designer Goods

Surelock authenticated the seized Tiffany jewellery and J’Adore perfumes. When police and trading standards officers opened the doors to two industrial units they found a stash of trendy designer gear. The only trouble was, it was all fake. Among 10,000 items spanning 39 big brands was everything from J’Adore perfume to Tiffany jewellery, Hermes purses […]

Avoid Bad Hair Days…Avoid Counterfeit Hair Stylers! informs us   coun·ter·feit [koun-ter-fit] adjective   1. made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine; not genuine; forged: counterfeit dollar bills. 2. pretended; unreal: counterfeit grief. I like the fact that this mentions grief. It is so true! So I’m suggesting, please look further than the quality and […]

2,500 Websites Shut Down in Counterfeit Goods Crackdown

A specialist police unit has shut down more than 2,500 websites selling counterfeit goods believed to be worth tens of millions of pounds. The sites promised authentic designer goods such as Gucci products, GHD hair straighteners, Ugg boots and Hollister clothing. But customers were left short-changed as the items were either poor quality counterfeits or […]