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Cheetham Hill: Report reveals ‘Counterfeit Street’ problem

  Part of Manchester has been nicknamed “Counterfeit Street” because of the widespread sale of fake goods there. A report by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) said items worth £1m were seized in Cheetham Hill, in 2013. Fake clothing, footwear, hoverboards and cigarettes have all been seized in the area. Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe […]

Counting the Cost – The Trade in Counterfeit Goods in Manchester

The Government has published a report that reveals in stark terms the impact of counterfeiting and the sale of black market goods in Manchester. Ministerial Foreword This Government is committed to protecting the public from the insidious threat posed by organised crime, and is fighting against its lifeblood – the black market economy. This cause […]

Going Bargain Hunting This Bank Holiday Weekend? Don’t Fall for Fake Goods Urges Council

SHOPPERS planning to bag bargains at bank holiday markets or car boot sales have been urged to ensure their finds are the real deal to avoid an unhappy weekend. Counterfeit items can prove more than just shoddy imitations, Staffordshire County Council has warned. Hidden dangers can include hazardous chemicals in fake vodka that can lead […]

ACG (The Anti-Counterfeiting Group)

The trade in fakes has never been more prolific, mainly because of the exponential rise in counterfeiting activities on the internet in recent years. It is now a global epidemic, posing major threats to consumers and national economies, and funding other crimes such as drugs, guns and people smuggling. Interpol has also reported evidence of […]

Turn Back Crime

A fake watch, cheap cigarettes, a pirated DVD: What may seem like innocent purchases, could be funding criminal activity, such as cybercrime, the illegal arms trade, kidnapping, crimes against children and even terrorism. This film exposes the link between purchasing counterfeit items and the more dangerous crimes that purchasing enables. The first of a series, […]