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02 Dec
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Some of our Endorsements from Satisfied Clients

Following a successful operation with PIPCU and seizure of £200 million of counterfeits, a pat on the back makes our work so much more worthwhile – “Thanks to our amazing team of investigators Surelock Investigators and Security Consultants led by Ron Harrison and their continued efforts to protect our brands.”  From the Head of Brand Protection […]

18 Nov
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Surelock’s Security Services

With the winter months approaching and the dark nights drawing in, now is the time to ensure your home/business security is up to scratch, do not wait for an incident to happen, prevent it with a security survey. Theft and vandalism on business premises or in the home can be reduced by effective security. Surelock […]

Why Should You Consider Training Your Staff in Security?

In this economic climate when financial decisions are heavily weighed by priorities why should you consider training your staff in security? Good question, but we all know that saying of “shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted” and the significance it has in our current climate doesn’t bear thinking about, or does it? […]