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Your industry faces many challenges

Whatever your industry, fraud, theft (including intellectual property theft and counterfeiting), infiltration of staffsecurityhealth and safety are all increasingly important issues facing both the private and public sector. These issues throw up a diverse and unique set of challenges within each sector which require expertise, sensitivity and a thorough understanding of any potential legal and evidential implications.

Surelock offers you the skill and expertise you need

Surelock is uniquely placed to meet these challenges and because of our vast expertise and extensive team, we can offer your business a very tailored and specific range of preventative and proactive services as well as a comprehensive range of investigative services. Surelock will act quickly and discretely to prevent or minimize damage, assist with the recovery of assets and ensure any information obtained is of the highest evidential value. If the matter then goes further, we are ideally placed to assist with any legal proceedings.

From Employee Theft, Fraud, Arson and Counterfeiting to Safety, Security Audits and Risk Assessments, we can help

We recognise that every organisation’s problems are unique, so we adapt and evolve our services accordingly and make sure we assign you the best experts for the job. We can also provide all forms of surveillance and electronic device detection including countermeasure sweeps (bug sweeps) throughout the UK, combining our experienced and trained team with state of the art equipment.

Human Resources and Employment Law issues

Employee misconduct can take many forms and requires quick and discrete intervention. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Short or long term company infiltration carried out by trained operatives in order to investigate, gather evidence or conduct integrity tests.
  • Advice and strategic planning on the prevention of theft, (including intellectual property) and fraud in all its many guises, as well as full forensic investigations.

Protection from Counterfeiting and Trade Mark Infringement

As members of ACG (Anti-Counterfeiting Group) and with a specifically trained and highly experienced team of anti-counterfeiting operatives, we can advise on the prevention as well as investigate counterfeiting and trademark / brand infringement. We have an international intelligence network and can assist in identifying distributors and seizing merchandise.
Through our dedicated covert surveillance team, we track trademark infringements and also work with the Police, Trading Standards and UK Customs to seize merchandise and assist with authentication and legal proceedings.

Health and Safety and Compliance

We offer a range of professional health and safety audits and risk assessments. We can also assist with light and heavy goods vehicle audits, including company compliance checks with respect to load security, load documentation and personal protection equipment.

Whatever issue your business or organisation is faced with, our approachable and experienced team is on hand to advise you the best method of approaching and dealing with it. The sooner you contact us, the more effectively we can help.

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