Some of Our Endorsements from Satisfied Clients

Since Roy Herridge QPM formed Surelock over 25 years ago, we have never been the type of company that accepts an assignment, gets it done and takes the money. We like to form a personal relationship with our clients, both private and corporate, keeping in touch and making sure they are happy. That is what builds up a close bond, most of our work was by recommendation and word of mouth.

At the beginning Roy used to accept work, particularly from individual clients, having achieved the objective, he never invoiced as he felt sorry for the them. Obviously, you cannot run a company like that nowadays, as bills need to be paid.

That is why client testimonials are so important for us, they give the team a pat on the back and keeps everyone happy.

In all the years we have only had two bad reviews, and these were proved to be malicious, since then we receive many 5-star reviews, here are just a few: –

“Ron Harrison and his team took instructions from my daughter, who was about to be defrauded of a huge amount of money. Ron saw through the deception and advised my daughter, saving her money, tears and humiliation.”

Steve Gaskin – Crime Expert, crime consultant both TV and Radio, former Senior Scotland Yard Detective

“Ron and Dave cannot be enough help. Their expertise and swift, efficient action makes them a pleasure to work with and you see instant results from their work. I only wish I had this company on speed dial years prior to using them. Would highly recommend”.

Eleanor Tomlinson – famous traditional artist and illustrator

“Ron, yourself and Roy can and should be truly proud of what you built together. In our many years of working together you’ve both been the epitome of professional, courteous but unflappably effective. Best wishes to you both.”

Steve Corcoran – CEO and Legend in the Construction & Tool Hire Industry

“Ron and his team provide anti-counterfeiting services for our clients, helping to identify and remove infringing products from the market. They are thorough, know how to work through the details and communicate, and, most importantly, take decisive action to protect your business. Ron is a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend his services.”

Teri Niadna – Managing Director, Brandgenuity

Following a successful operation with PIPCU and seizure of £200 million of counterfeits, a pat on the back makes our work so much more worthwhile – “Thanks to our amazing team of investigators Surelock Investigators and Security Consultants led by Ron Harrison and their continued efforts to protect our brands.”  

From the Head of Brand Protection at LVMH

“Sometimes in life things happen which one is unable to manage without the assistance of professionals. In my case the service I received from Surelock was extremely helpful. I am very impressed and grateful to the inspectors for their expert advice and support, and definitely made the right decision in seeking Surelock services. I would like to express my gratitude to all involved and if ever needed help again I would not hesitate to contact them.” 

From a Grateful Client

“I have known Ron and the team at Surelock for well over 10 years. Ron represents many well-known international brands. He has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the world of brand protection / anti-counterfeiting, and is very results-focused in his work. Ron is professional, trustworthy and always a pleasure to deal with”.

Experienced IP lawyer

“I have worked with Ron and Surelock for several years in my role as MD of Bravado – the world’s largest music merchandise company. Not just is he efficient and professional but he is very driven and is a real achiever delivering consistently good results. Ron is also a top guy and a pleasure to work with”. 

Managing Director Bravado International Group

“We have worked with Ronald and his company for several years now and have a fantastic working relationship with him. Always very professional and expects the highest of standards for all his work. Ronald Harrison’s experience and knowledge within this sector seems to be limitless and this knowledge, especially for the laws and legislation within the investigatory field, gives each and every one of his clients 110% reassurance with their tasks. We look forward to many more years working closely with him”. 

Director of Security Company

“Surelock are always our first port of call on any asset management issues. They have always been highly professional and very effective whenever we have instructed them. Clients to whom we have recommended them say the same. Ron Harrison is a pleasure to work with and exceptionally knowledgeable in his field”. 

Specialist employment Lawyer

“Facing a somewhat complicated situation that required a pragmatic approach at the same time as extreme sensitivity, I was very grateful to have access to Ronald’s experience. His integrity is absolutely unquestionable, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring a significant level of very practical experience in an unusual field, along with an intelligent application of his extensive knowledge”. 

In-House consultant to overseas Royal Family

“Ronald’s work is that of a true professional, detailing every step of his operation. He is trustworthy, reliable and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Ronald for his services at hand”. 

Head of Licensing for Famous US celebrity

“We have worked with Ronald Harrison of Surelock on a big project. It was a great pleasure to work with him. He proved to be very serious about his work and attentive towards the people he works with. He uses a collaborative approach in trying to solve any issue arising throughout the project and always is fair, honest and transparent. It would be an honour to have the chance to work with Ronald again and I would recommend him for any other partnership without any hesitation”. 

Director of Investigation in Azerbaijan

“Ron and I met 35 years ago when he was with Scotland Yard and I was with the FBI. We have remained friends since we met and have been doing private investigations together since we both retired. He is a true professional and an excellent investigator”. 

Former Senior FBI Agent and US Private Investigator

“Couldn’t have asked for a better PI. Ron is incredibly responsive, professional, and offered great advice. The service he conducted was done with impeccable timing, and should you be looking for a locating service, I would personally recommend this company”. 

Private client, member of the public 

So if you are looking for help with any of our Core Services, please contact us will informally discuss all the options and advise on the best way forward, and after we have achieved that we will stay in touch.

Surelock – Can I afford to use a Private Detective

Potential clients, both private and corporate, are often in a desperate state following a major incident, when they consider using a Private Detective, they will search the internet and usually contact the first one that attracts their eye, but in the back of their mind they are thinking “Can I afford this”.

We will always discuss fully the situation you face, and how we can help, if we cannot help, we will tell you straightaway.

At Surelock we work to set hourly rates for all our core services, we have not changed these for years, we will put you at ease, fully explain costs from the outset and email a copy of our rates for the service required and our terms and conditions.

Make sure the company you are about to employ are members of a credible organisation such as The Association of British Investigators

Surelock has over 25 years’ experience in the private sector and many years’ experiences in the police / military service, so there is not much we cannot help you with, the testimonials on our web site speak for themselves.

We can assist with: –

FRAUD – Our investigators have over 30 years’ experience in the Police, some have worked in the Fraud Squad at Scotland Yard, we can investigate private or corporate frauds.

SURVEILLANCE – Our surveillance teams are led by career detectives or military personnel who spent most of their service on the ground learning everything there is to know about surveillance, whether it is corporate, accident injury or domestic cheating partner, we can help.

SECURITY SURVEYS – Our Security Surveyor has nearly 40 years’ experience in the police and is qualified to Home Office Standards, we have conducted security surveys on Government buildings, commercial premises and private homes.

ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES SWEEPS – Our Bug Sweep Engineer has over 35 years’ experience from the Police also as an electronic engineer, instructed by large Corporates, Premier League Footballs Clubs, Law Firms, Financial Institutions and Private clients to conduct this important work.

BRAND PROTECTION – Our brand protection team has been doing this work for over 21 years both in the UK and worldwide, utilising experts from the Police, Trading Standards and Public Sector. With notable successes we have an excellent working relationship with The City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), Trading Standards and UK Border Force, and have successfully achieved some of the biggest seizures of counterfeits ever in the UK. We also boast a very proactive online investigation team. 

CONCLUSION – So you can see we have quite a formidable team of highly experienced operatives ready to help, regardless of what your problem is, look at our web site

CALL US NOW – 0333 6000 300 or EMAIL – [email protected] even if it is only for advice, we are happy to chat.

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Surelock’s Private Investigation & Security Consultancy Services

A great deal of our work nowadays focuses on our successful brand protection investigations, we have a dedicated team for this, the results we achieve are second to none.

We have always offered a very personable service to our clients and have an exceptional team of highly qualified investigators nationwide, coming from the Private Sector, Police and Military backgrounds, who can deal with most things.

  • Fraud / Crime Investigations.
  • Surveillance.
  • Security Surveys.
  • Bug Sweeps.
  • Test purchases.
  • Tracing & Due Diligence.

Over the years we have successfully conducted many types of investigations, an overseas murder, serious assault and rape investigations, major fire investigations, theft of valuable arts / antiques, worldwide investigations for a shipping company, copyright & patent investigations, blackmail, stalking & harassment, missing persons, sports investigations, plant hire and construction Industry investigations and many more.

With the Police so hard pushed to investigate fraud and white-collar crimes, we can assist businesses and private individuals, gather intelligence, establish evidence and document by way of detailed witness statements and interviews, then report to the appropriate authorities or your legal representatives.

Surveillance and undercover work can be an integral part of any investigation; our experienced surveillance teams, managed by former detectives and military personnel with a wealth of experience, strategically located all over UK ready to assist, we can deal with any form of surveillance, corporate, accident injury and cheating partner surveillance. We use state-of-the-art covert equipment, cameras and drones to assist; our successes have been praised by the police and the courts. 

Test purchases, either to gather evidence of crime or to help enhance business practices, all covertly video recorded for evidential and training purposes.

As security consultants we also offer detailed security surveys of commercial and private properties, and professional bug sweeps – what you say in private is your business, keeping it that way is ours.

So, if you have need of a Private Investigator or Security Consultant do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.

You will be in safe hands, please contact us

Stalking & Harassment – Rachel’s Story in her own words…

How It All Started

In early 2013, during my tenure at a prestigious financial institution in the City of London, I routinely fielded numerous business calls daily, with a significant portion originating from recruitment agencies presenting potential opportunities.

One Tuesday morning, I received a call from ‘Dan’, a known agent at a well-established recruitment agency. 

I was immediately impressed by his charisma, professionalism, deep understanding of my field, and his personalised approach to supporting my next career move.

We scheduled a face-to-face meeting to discuss several opportunities, but I couldn’t foresee its long-term implications. At that time, I was vulnerable and distressed due to my father’s poor health. My focus on professional goals prevented me from noticing any behavioural ‘red flags’.

Key Behavioural Characteristics (Stalker – Harasser)

‘Dan’ was highly attentive, consistently complimenting my professional achievements and mirroring my interests and aspirations. 

He created a unique sense of connection, making me feel understood and appreciated. 

An emotional bond quickly formed, and I believed he was genuinely promoting my professional profile. He made me feel exceptionally valued, both professionally and personally.

After six months, I became intimately involved with ‘Dan’, a relationship that left lasting scars. 

His compliments, affection, and charm led me to believe he could also be the perfect partner and soulmate. However, this was short-lived, and what followed profoundly changed my life.

All of a sudden ‘Dan’s’ behaviour shifted; he became controlling, critical, and dismissive of my emotions. 

I endured silent treatments and guilt trips, which eroded my self-worth and common sense. 

He alienated me from family, friends, and colleagues, blaming them and me for our issues. When I didn’t comply with his wishes, he became envious, passive-aggressive, and distant, displaying a lack of empathy that was frightening.

I discovered he was also smearing my reputation, including my professional standing, to his friends and colleagues. 

He contacted my firm, using deceitful tactics to undermine my professional integrity. 

His charisma and deceptiveness convinced everyone, enhancing his sense of entitlement and superiority. 

His inflated ego and victim mentality led to various forms of exploitation, especially financial and emotional, which I was continuously subjected to.

Realising something was fundamentally wrong, I began preparing an escape plan. 

Isolated and without support, I told him I needed time for myself, avoiding direct blame. 

His response was anger, rage, and ultimately violence.

He became physically abusive, shaking me to the point of dizziness and pushing me against walls, slapping me, and threatening me with sharp knives to mark my body and promising further fatal harm if I tried to leave. 

Terrified, I avoided work and contact with the outside world. 

He started stalking me relentlessly, appearing everywhere I went.

Despite my efforts to remain under the radar, ‘Dan’s’ stalking intensified. 

He monitored my every move, appearing outside my home and alternative work places, following me on public transport, and shadowing me at the supermarkets. 

The omnipresence of his friends, who participated in the ‘Harassment’ campaign, added to my sense of entrapment. 

They were everywhere, ensuring I saw their smirking faces, conveying an unspoken threat.

Social media became another battleground. ‘Dan’ and his friends bombarded me with derogatory comments daily. 

Their relentless attacks eroded my confidence and sense of security, making me feel increasingly isolated and vulnerable.

The deceitful call from the “Post Office,” requesting a close family member’s address to deliver a ‘package’, was a stark reminder of ‘Dan’s’ pervasive reach. 

This calculated move aimed to invade my last sanctuary, pushing me further into a state of terror.

The Police

I eventually decided to contact the Police, as I had been blaming myself for everything that was happening to me. 

My self-confidence and reasoning were so eroded that I felt I didn’t deserve protection and had to endure the situation.

I went to a nearby Police Station and was received by two young Officers. 

I spent about three hours explaining my case, shaking uncontrollably, and feeling ill. I knew that ‘Dan’ wanted to harm me. 

To my surprise, the Officers laughed, telling me I was overly sensitive and that every relationship has ‘ups and downs’. They insisted I needed to prove I was in real danger. 

I was speechless and shocked.

Desperately, I begged them to consider my case and submitted all the evidence I had: screenshots from social media, threatening messages on my phone, a list of missed calls, and other alarming forms of evidence. 

They dismissed my case, saying they lacked reasonable grounds to act.

Undeterred, I visited another Police Station, only to be told the same thing. 

They claimed I was overreacting and needed to prove I was in danger.

Meanwhile, the ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassment’ continued. 

‘Dan’ and his friends were aware of my contact with the Police and mocked me on social media, sending indirect messages that I would be punished for involving Law Enforcement. 

These messages were accompanied by derogatory comments about the Police, the Law Enforcement, and the Legal system, as well.

The Solicitor’s Intervention

I eventually consulted a prominent City solicitor with expertise in ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassment’. Despite his high fees, his reputation as one of the best in the City of London made him my best option.

The solicitor sent “Cease-and-Desist” letters to Dan and his friends, but their response was outrageous, accusing ME of threatening them and their families. 

Recognising the complexity of the situation and following additional consultations with all the evidence we had, the solicitor advised me to “vanish”, as he realised this was not a straightforward case.

Legal Framework on ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassment’ in 2013

At that time, although the legislative framework had clarified the definition of ‘Stalking’ as a “course of conduct” constituting both ‘Harassment’ and ‘Stalking’ and had introduced a separate offense for ‘Stalking’ causing “fear of violence” or “serious distress,” providing a clearer basis for Police investigations and prosecutions, I still felt completely on my own!

Private Investigators – “Surelock Global Investigators”

Reaching a breaking point, I decided to engage Private Investigators to handle my situation effectively. 

It was crucial to find experts who were at the top of their field, capable of providing a customised approach that aligned with my specific needs, priorities, and requirements. 

I needed professionals who could be both proactive and reactive, anticipating issues and responding swiftly to any developments.

After an extensive search and thorough evaluation of various agencies, I identified “Surelock Global Investigators” as the best in the Industry. 

Their reputation for excellence, combined with their specialised expertise in handling complex cases like mine, made them the ideal choice. 

They offered a comprehensive range of services tailored to my circumstances, ensuring that every aspect of my situation was meticulously managed.

Their track record of successful outcomes and their commitment to Client satisfaction reassured me that I was in capable hands. 

“Surelock Global Investigators” demonstrated a deep understanding of the nuances of ‘Stalking and Harassment’ cases, providing me with confidence that they could manage the complexities of my situation effectively.

Furthermore, their proactive approach to investigations and their ability to adapt strategies based on evolving circumstances instilled a sense of trust and reliability. 

I was impressed by their attention to detail and their dedication to achieving results while prioritising my safety and well-being.

Working with “Surelock Global Investigators” provided me with a sense of empowerment and support during a challenging time. 

Their professionalism, expertise, and hyper-personalised approach were instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of my case and take steps towards resolution and recovery.


Dan and his ‘associates’ soon became aware of my engagement with “Surelock Global Investigators”. 

It appeared evident that they had thoroughly researched the situation and received assurances regarding the calibre of professionals they would be contending with. 

“Surelock Global Investigators”  boasts a team of ‘seasoned’ Law Enforcement experts with unparalleled experience in handling every single case, no matter how complex, such as ‘Stalking and Harassment’.

As a result, ‘Dan’ and his cohorts gradually ceased their activities and began to withdraw from social media and my life. 

Despite this, ‘Dan’ maintained his fixation and resorted to creating numerous fake social media profiles to continue his ‘Stalking’ behaviour. 

However, his messages often betrayed his growing concern about potential legal consequences, expressing fear of being apprehended by Law Enforcement. 

Tragically, he passed away several years ago due to an extended illness.

Without the intervention of “Surelock Global Investigators”, I firmly believe that ‘Dan’ and his associates would have posed a significant threat to my safety and well-being. 

Their determination and relentless pursuit underscore the importance of having dedicated professionals like “Surelock Global Investigators” in such challenging circumstances.

Although strides have been made in reinforcing the legal framework surrounding ‘Stalking and Harassment’, much remains to be done to support victims like myself. 

Law Enforcement Agencies require highly trained Officers and sufficient resources to effectively prevent and prosecute such crimes, safeguarding individuals from harm before it’s too late.

I am immensely grateful to “Surelock Global Investigators” for providing me with peace of mind, security and safety during a tumultuous period. 

Their unwavering support proved invaluable in both my personal and professional life. 

They have become trusted partners, and I cannot overstate my appreciation for their solid presence and continuous support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Surelock – you will be in safe hands – we are always happy to have a chat. Give us a call to discuss on 0333 6000 300 or email [email protected]

Surelock – Stalking & Harassment

Many would have recently watched the Netflix series Baby Reindeer, where a struggling comedian shows one act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives, as he unknowingly enters into years of being stalked when he takes pity on a stranger by giving them cup of tea on the house.

This is a real problem today and cases require the skills of an experienced investigator, for advice and investigation.

If you think you are being stalked or the victim of harassment, report your concerns to the police. Who may apply for a SPO – Stalking Protection Order.

Tell a friend or relative when you are going out.

Always take a mobile phone with you.

Attack alarms are easy to purchase and should be carried.

Detail incidents in a diary / log of what has happened.

If you are receiving written threats or messages keep copies of these.

Do not answer telephone calls from withheld numbers.

If you establish who is stalking you, do not approach them direct.

Report the incidents to the Police, but sadly in this day and age you may get little response, then is the time to consider hiring a Private Investigator, who will be able to assist with: – 

  • Advice on how to keep safe.
  • Gather intelligence and evidence this.
  • Carry out a period of anti-surveillance.
  • Prepare a full report / evidence pack to submit to the authorities or your lawyers.
  • Assist in what further steps to take.

If you need help or advice on Stalking and Harassment please do not hesitate to contact us, via our web site page – email [email protected] or telephone 0333 6000 300 – we treat all such investigations in strict confidence.

Surelock’s Cheating Partner Surveillance

A great deal of our surveillance work starts with a call from a nervous member of the public who explains they suspect their partner of infidelity.

Can you track their mobile phone? Can you monitor their messages? Can you put a tracker on their car?

– the answers are no we cannot, this is not ethical and sometimes could be illegal!”

There is only one way to legally find out if your partner is cheating on you and that is by professional surveillance – The camera never lies, every picture tells a story.

AdobeStock 293905438 min1

So the first thing we do is to have a chat with them and establish why they have these fears, sometimes they ask us to carry out a week’s surveillance, and we explain “You cannot make surveillance happen, it has to be intelligence lead” we are not the type of company that just wants the instruction and take money, we always want to give the best possible service and a week’s surveillance would be very costly.

After having a chat many have the courage to go ahead. It is sad to say that over 90% of the domestic surveillance cases we have dealt with, the client’s worst fears are usually correct, and this is nearly always established on the very first day.

The information we need is a full description of the person, photograph if possible and details of any vehicle they use, plus of course the address and in particular the day or event the client is most suspicious about.

We would conduct a short period of surveillance utilising at least a three-man team, video record and gather all the intelligence, supplying the client with a detailed log of events with selected photos, evidencing where they went and who they met, which can be used in any legal proceedings.

If you have these fears do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.

You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us

Surelock – Core Services

Surelock has been established for over 30 years, founded by highly decorated Senior Detective Roy Herridge QPM, and now managed by former Senior Detective Ron Harrison, we have a dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced team of professional private investigators and security consultants that work across the UK.

Here are a few of our Core Services: –

BRAND PROTECTION – We are specialists in Brand Protection and protect our client’s intellectual property rights, conducting numerous investigations and online take downs worldwide, working with the authorities on enforcement action and prosecutions – with our pro-active investigations we are responsible for some of the largest seizures of counterfeits in UK.

SURVELLANCE – We have surveillance teams strategically placed all over UK to deal with domestic / cheating partner surveillance, accident injury surveillance, and corporate surveillance All our surveillance is carried out legally, covertly recorded in a public place, we keep the client informed of the findings, we supply a detailed log of events with selected photos, a full unedited recording is also available if required.

SECURITY SURVEYS – We have many years experienced in the field of security surveys / risk assessments, dealing with physical security measures both existing and future installations. Vulnerabilities identified in the survey will be highlighted, and cost-effective solutions will be provided in an easy-to-read illustrated report. Our surveyors are fully accredited by the appropriate bodies under Home Office guidelines and have the necessary security clearance with over 30 years of experience.

PENETRATIONS TESTS – Following a security survey how often do you get your security measures tested, don’t wait for the inevitable to happen! Physical penetration tests are an important way for businesses to identify any weaknesses in the security of their premises (e.g., warehouses and offices) that could be exploited by criminals.

BUG SWEEPS – We have a dedicated engineer who has over 30 years’ experience, using purpose-built specialist equipment. Working with a backup team we conduct a full electronic sweep of the premises, then use seperate handheld wands for near field examinations of the respective rooms / offices, computers, and telephone equipment, finally very importantly a finger-tip search examining power supplies, ceiling tiles, thus when we complete an TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Sweep), we can tell you if there is anything there or not. What you say in private is your business, keeping it that way is ours.

CRIME / FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS – This is really our bread and butter, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced investigators who over the years have successfully investigated most crimes, both here in the UK and abroad, for a wide range of clients, whether it be a burglary, robbery, blackmail, theft of valuable items, fraud, assaults, missing persons or indeed a murder, we can assist. At the end of the day, we will provide you with all the intelligence / evidence you need to progress the investigation, in legal or discipline proceedings.

For full details of all of core services please view our web site

If you need any help with any of our core services, do not hesitate to contact us, we provide the very best services at competitive rates and are always happy to have a chat about your requirements.

Give us a call to discuss on 0333 6000 300 or email [email protected]

Surelock – Working With UKBF

Surelock like other brand protection companies work daily with our colleagues at UK Board Force throughout the Country, we assist with authentications of our clients’ items seized and supply training to the authorities.

We always ensure our clients are correctly registered with UKBF and have an active Application for Action (AFA)

UKBF officers work 24/7 every day of the year, protecting our clients’ counterfeit goods entering UK from Countries like China and Turkey, making many £millions in seizures every year in addition to the other work they have to do involving drugs, explosives and firearms.

Counterfeit goods come into the UK on a daily basis by plane, boat and train, often hidden in containers, vans, large and small parcels or with foot passengers.

We at Surelock are very grateful for the hard work undertaken by UKBF, this year alone our clients have had the following counterfeits seized: –

  • Watches
  • Perfumes
  • Sunglasses
  • Guitars
  • Footwear
  • Clothing

We are particularly grateful to the UKBF team at Coventry Airport Parcel Force Hub who over the past year have identified and seized 100’s of counterfeit guitars coming into UK from China, often innocently purchased from unscrupulous sellers via the Internet.

If you need any help with Brand Protection, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always provide the very best services at competitive rates, helping to design a pro-active Brand Protection programme. Give us a call to discuss on 0333 6000 300 or email [email protected]

Surelock’s Bug Sweeps

Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug Sweeps) is a professional service we are called upon much more nowadays, it is the process of detecting and removing hidden surveillance devices or bugs from a location, mainly on behalf of corporate businesses but also some private clients, especially as cyber security is so important in this modern day and age.

Listening devices and covert cameras can so easily be purchased, most often coming from China, these are easy to install, but there are also sophisticated devices that are professionally installed and can sit there dormant until they are required and are then remotely activated. The threat level is literally changing regularly so you have to be careful and keep up to date.

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We successfully carry out regular sweeps for our retained clients periodically during the year, or if there is a particular event such as a sensitive business meeting.

Surelock has a dedicated engineer who has over 30 years’ experience, both in the police and as an electronic engineer, and a backup team. Most of the equipment we use is purpose built. We conduct a full electronic sweep of the premises, then using three different handheld wands and a highly sensitive bench top detector for near field examinations of the respective rooms / offices, computers, and telephone equipment. Finally and very importantly a finger-tip search examining power supplies, ceiling tiles, thus when we complete an ECS search we can tell you if there is anything there or we will evidence what was found.

GSM mobile phones are being used more, the client is engaged interviewing someone, who at the conclusion asks to use the bathroom, leaving their mobile in the room. This can be accessed remotely so they can hear what is being said about them.

We can also sweep your car for covert listening devices / cameras and trackers which are now commonly used by criminals, the paparazzi and those wishing to gather intelligence about you.

At the end of the operation, we can genuinely tell the client that there is nothing there or indeed find out that there was, that is what our clients rely on! What you say in private is your business, keeping it that way is ours.

Our clients of many years range from Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Blue Chip Companies, Local Authorities, Premier League Football Clubs, Celebrities and Private Individuals, they are not hiding anything illegal but just wish to protect their business or home, especially when important decisions / boards meetings are taking place.

Your privacy is worth protecting, if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us

Surelock’s Private Investigation Services

Having been the victim of a crime, it is not easy reporting it to the police nowadays, usually this is done online or talking to a call center, so many police stations have closed and do not accept reporting crimes personally over the counter. Understandably the police are very busy, and their resources are stretched at times.

Whether you are a private individual or corporate business, it may be difficult to decide when to use a Private Investigator, clearly there are costs involved.

First and foremost, ensure you are instructing a credible company, check them out and see if they are members of a professional body such as The Association of British Investigators.

From the outset we fully discuss the issues with the client to establish exactly what has happened, then explain what we can do to help as private investigators. Most importantly, we explain the costs, we have always worked with set hourly rates for the different services we provide and send these details with our terms and conditions so they can view and accept them. Some may wish to set a budget to work too, which is understandable.

We have a dedicated team of experienced investigators with skills they have obtained during many years of police service, who over the years have successfully investigated most things both here in the UK and abroad, for a wide range of clients, whether it be a burglary, robbery, blackmail, theft of valuable items, fraud, assaults, missing persons or indeed a murder. 

Once engaged, we would meet the client face to face and fully discuss the problem. Then would go about examining the information / intelligence and gather evidence by speaking to witnesses and indeed interviewing suspects, putting together a detailed report of our findings which can be used in any legal or discipline proceedings.

In addition to investigators, we can call on researchers, forensic examiners, surveillance operatives and financial experts who we can call on to assist if necessary. We can assign one investigator or indeed a whole team if the circumstances require this. 

After a crime has been committed, we can provide training and guidance to help ensure such a crime does not happen again.

photodune 11224903 customer service m1 1024x366

If you have a need for a private investigation whether for a major crime or less serious personal matter, do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved, if we do not think we can help we will tell you.

You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us email [email protected] Telephone 0333 6000 300.