Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Private Investigation Services

A great deal of our work nowadays focuses on our brand protection and fraud investigations, but we have an experienced team of qualified investigators who can deal with most things.

Over the years we have successfully investigated an overseas murder, serious assault and rape investigations, major fire investigations, theft of valuable arts / antiques, worldwide investigations for a shipping company, patent investigations, blackmail, stalking & harassment, missing persons, sports investigations, Plant Hire and Construction Industry investigations and many more.

If you have need of a Private Investigator do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved. You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Why use a Private Investigator?

There are many investigative companies nowadays offering a whole range of services, some with a great deal of experience and others sadly with little, that is why when you entrust your investigation into the hands of a private company you should first see if they are members of a credible body such as The Association of British Investigators (ABI).


Surelock, was founded in the 1990’s by Roy Herridge QPM a highly respected senior detective officer in the Police who was awarded the Queen Police Medal for 34 years’ service to the Capital, with a wealth of experience in dealing with major violent crimes such as murder and rape, Now managed by Ron Harrison current President of the ABI.


Our fraud investigators have over 30 years’ experience in the Police and have worked in the fraud squad at New Scotland Yard.


Our surveillance teams are led by career detectives who spent most of their service on the ground learning everything there is to know about surveillance.


We have undercover officers who are qualified and experienced in doing this delicate work having successfully done it while serving in the Police.


Our Security Surveyor has nearly 40 years’ experience gained in the police and is qualified to Home Office Standards.


Our Bug Sweep Engineer has over 35 years’ experience from the Police and as an electronic engineer and is one of the best bug finders in the business.


Our brand protection team has been doing this work for over 21 years both in the UK and worldwide, we are members of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group and are pro-active not re-active, going into the marketplace to establish where our clients’ counterfeits are being sold, covertly gathering intelligence and evidence and passing to the authorities for enforcement action.


So you can see we have quite a formidable team of highly experienced operatives ready to help, regardless of what your problems are.


That is why if you decide to instruct us, we will ensure the most qualified operative is appointed to deal with your case and you can rest assured you will get the very best of service, it has always been our aim to achieve the results our clients seek and not just to take their money. If you need help just give us a call, we are happy to chat and advise, talk does not cost money, if we cannot help we will tell you from the outset.

For full details please view our e-brochure

“Even Criminals can be gentlemen”

Hearing this statement makes you stop and listen, especially if it is uttered by someone who spent a long part of his life at Scotland Yard and participated in missions to places where dictators ruled and would shoot anyone who dared break the night curfew. 

Ron Harrison has now retired from the police force but he is one of the heads of Surelock, a leading company in security, surveillance and brand protection. Based in England, Surelock is made up of a number of specialists, many of whom, like Ron, are former members of Scotland Yard or the British Police force.

And the words Scotland Yard still have a resonance that smacks of loyalty, good practice and results. 

Ron works hard and is a self-confessed workaholic. But he also knows how to take a good, well-deserved break a few times a year—and almost inevitably he chooses Malta. 

“Malta is not a holiday place—when I come here I come to my family,” enthuses Ron. He tells me that “the friends and the bond I have created in Malta are unbelievable. The people of this island are really blessed with genuine friendship. They are welcoming and the climate here and the food help make Malta a true gem”. 

To him Malta is old-fashioned in its most commendable of meanings, with its traditions of the loyalty of old, being family-conscious and spiritual. “Coming to Malta means I feel at home—and the Westin Dragonara is a true home to me. The food and the views are glorious and the service impeccable. It’s been the right place at the right time with the right people for me and for all my loved ones.”

Ron spends all his special occasions, birthdays, Christmas New Year and Easter, besides other periods in the year for some relaxation, at the Westin. And when his dear mother was still alive that is where she was treated by Ron – the Westin, the place which to Ron has a “true, beating and caring heart. It’s not all about the bedrooms and the facilities. It’s about the human touch which I find amazing at the Westin Dragonara – the GM, the waiters, the pool attendants, all have a positive attitude that makes you feel you are a VIP all the time.” That, according to the much-travelled Ron, is hardly an easy thing to achieve. 

“I’ve been coming regularly to the Westin for over 10 years and I have seen a great development in the way the staff has changed and their attitude became even better,” Ron says. 

Ron has been involved in many cases involving crime detection, fraud and surveillance. All this experience has given him a deep appreciation of detail – no detail, however small, however seemingly insignificant, is lost on Ron… 

Now in his mid-sixties and more alert than some 20-year-olds, Ron still gets excited by anything that ends in a big swoop. Nowadays, he is mostly involved in supervising others doing the work, but he still revels in the hands-on feeling of being there when the big day, the breakthrough happens. 

Surelock does not do police work or Scotland Yard stuff, but it offers a list of services that is astonishing, from brand protection against counterfeiters to private investigation, property surveillance and manning of property. However, Ron’s forte remains nosing out anything connected to fraud – internal or external. 

Ron loves Malta and its food – rabbit, lampuki (Dorado fish) braġjoli (beef olives) and thinks Malta nowadays has superb restaurants, even if he is somewhat biased and always prefers the Quadro at the Westin for a true celebration. 

After 30 years in the police force, and meeting hardened and sometimes charming criminals, including Pinochet of Chile, Ron considered retiring and doing nothing but sail and live quietly in Malta. But a year after retiring he joined Surelock and now works round the clock to sporadically come over and enjoy Malta and its other huge gem, the Westin Dragonara.  

by Victor Calleja – Author and Journalist – Malta

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Our Security Surveys

Apart from the obvious benefit of minimising losses, a security survey will provide increased peace of mind to staff or residents and from the business perspective, is likely to lead to a happier work environment, increased efficiency, improved image with customers and sometimes lower insurance premiums.

Using a systemised approach, Surelock carry out a full survey of your home or business premises. The site perimeter, integrity of buildings and vulnerability of individual rooms are examined in detail together with existing physical/electronic measures and procedures already in place to reduce crime.

The results are then presented in a clear, fully illustrated and easy to understand report. This summarises the findings of the survey, quantitatively assesses the overall vulnerability of the premises, highlights areas at risk and offers appropriate and cost-effective suggestions as to how these may be addressed in the form of a prioritised Action List.

Surelock has undertaken in excess of 300 security surveys and risk assessments for a wide range of businesses and private individuals.

Our surveyors are fully accredited by the appropriate bodies under Home Office guidelines and have Home Office security clearance.

If you have a need for a security survey do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.You will be in safe hands, so if you require this professional service, please contact us

“A truly wonderful review from a client and now good friend”

At Surelock, the Directors, Operatives, and Consultants come from a variety of disciplines like the Police, the Military, Private & Public Sectors, etc.

Many are retired Senior Scotland Yard Detectives and have developed an International network of Intelligence, with a really high-profile experience and exposure.

They are also members of the Association of British Investigators (endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales), the Association of Security Consultants (ASC), the Institute of Counter Fraud Specialists (ICFS), the Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce Integrity Assured (EPIC). Their hands-on approach, skillset, cutting-edge technology, and general resources are truly second to none, not only nationally but also internationally.

If you have any concerns, worries, queries or facing real challenges pertaining to:

·Personal and Home Security at every level (harassment, stalking, ID theft, arson, burglary, violence, blackmail, kidnap, suspicious death, high value art thefts, recovery of assets, devices detection, preventative measures, debugging, under-cover operations, Risk Assessments, Cyber Security, Electronic Surveillance, etc.),

· Public/Private Sector (Fraud, Cyber Security, Infiltration of Staff, Health & Safety, Internal Security Audits, Intellectual Property theft, Security Audits, Risk Assessments, under-cover operations, extreme crisis management, etc.), · Human Resources and Employment Law (Employee Misconduct and malpractices, harassment/bullying, sexual offences, Company Infiltration, Mystery Shopping, Intellectual Property, Fraud, etc.),

· Counterfeiting and Trademark Infringement (also assisting with authentication and legal proceedings, etc.),

· Sports Investigations (disciplinary enquiries, allegations of Crime, etc.),

· Travel and Personal Injury Insurance Fraud,

· Experienced expert witnesses and expert evidence (state of the art equipment, digital evidence, handwriting analysis, photographic or graphic evidence, ballistics and pathology, attending Court if necessary, etc.),

· Training (highly effective training packages for the Public & Private sectors, etc.),

Just pick up the phone; nothing is too small or too big for them to address, proportionately and both proactively and reactively, and of course as per your own requirements.

Personally, I would like to thank Mr Roy Herridge QPM (one of the most highly decorated Officers) and Mr Ron Harrison (President of the ABI and ex Scotland Yard Detective) not only for supporting me all these years with a number of cases in a proactive, professional and discreet manner, but also for continuously and consistently training me on matters pertaining to personal and business security that nowadays are not a luxury but an absolute necessity!

Your ethos, integrity, sensitivity, and strong morals have made all the difference to me. Thank you and your wonderful team, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Our Expertise

Surelock has a dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced team of professional private investigators and security consultants that work across London, the Home Counties and the UK.

A little bit about our Experts

We are corporate members of The Association of British Investigators (ABI).

The experience and expertise you will find under the Surelock umbrella is second to none. Founded by highly commended former senior Metropolitan Police officer Roy Herridge QPM, and now managed by Ron Harrison President of the ABI. Surelock’s directors, consultants and operatives are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including the police, fire service, military, and private and public sector. We also have several retired senior Scotland Yard detectives who have been involved in complex and high-level investigations over the course of many years. This pooling of talent and experience puts Surelock in a unique position.

Highly Qualified

As members of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, we have expertise in this field and have specifically trained investigators to assist with merchandise and branding identification as well as recovery. We are currently responsible for assisting in the seizure of £million’s worth of counterfeit goods each year.

Professional but Personable

Above all else, we pride ourselves on providing a very personable and accessible service. We do not speak in jargon, and we are conscious that we are often dealing with very sensitive and difficult situations. Over the years we have liaised and dealt with everyone from law enforcement agencies to victims of crimes and we believe that your experience of us should be exceptional from the very first phone call that you make to us. We want to make a difference and we understand the need for total confidentiality.

Matching our expertise to your requirements

Wherever you are and whatever issue you are faced with, we can ensure the best trained and vetted operative is assigned to your case. You will always be kept up to date and informed about the nature and progress of any work we do on your behalf, and you will be provided with an easy to understand but comprehensive report of our findings.

You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – our Investigation Services

Whether you are a corporate business or a private individual, it is not easy to decide when to use a Private Investigator.

First and foremost, ensure you are instructing a credible company, check them out and see if they are members of a professional body such as The Association of British Investigators.

We have a dedicated team of experienced investigators who over the years have successfully investigated most things both here in the UK and abroad, for a wide range of clients, whether it be a burglary, robbery, blackmail, theft of valuable items, fraud, assaults, missing person or indeed a murder.

If you have a need for a private investigation do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.

At the end of the day, we will provide you with all the intelligence / evidence you need in order to progress the investigation, legal or discipline proceedings. You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Our Surveillance Services

Surveillance is an essential tool in the investigation world, when a client calls us, we always tell them “You cannot make surveillance happen, it has to be intelligence lead”

It is not easy sitting around for hours on end waiting for something to happen and it is certainly nothing like you see on TV.

We have experienced surveillance teams located all over UK for the needs of our clients.

We carry out corporate surveillance for business, accident injury surveillance for insurance companies / loss adjusters and domestic surveillance (cheating partner) for those who suspect their other half of wrong doings.

With domestic surveillance it is not easy to decide to utilise a private investigator, but there comes a time when you need to know if your worst fears are true, we would estimate over 90% of all domestic surveillance referred to us the fears are sadly confirmed.

All our surveillance is covertly video record, we keep the client informed of the findings and supply a detailed log of event with selected photos.

If you have a surveillance need do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all the options, so you know the costs and exactly what is involved.You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us