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We can provide all forms of surveillance, including conventional, rural and electronic surveillance and have dedicated surveillance teams strategically placed all over UK in order to offer the very best of services to our clients.


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Our highly experienced surveillance operatives are selected from the police and military services with many years of experience; they utilise state of the art equipment and technology. These include sophisticated global tracking systems, high-powered photographic and covert video equipment.
Surveillance and observations are well-used tools in the security industry for evidence/ intelligence gathering and prevention/ detection of crime and offenders. Surveillance can keep your business one step in front of your competitors and can also maintain a close eye on your workforce and sub-contractors.

Electronic surveillance, both audio and visual, can be a useful tool to monitor suspects and employees who are contravening company policy. It is often used to identify individuals acting corruptly or passing on company intelligence.

Counter surveillance methods can be used to ensure that your company or employees are not the subject of surveillance themselves.



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