Domestic Surveillance Services

Domestic Surveillance Services Across London and the UK

We provide the best experts using state of the art equipment to help combat domestic issues such as infidelity.


Domestic surveillance, sometimes referred to as “cheating partners” can provide evidence required to assist clients and their legal cases where instigated.

As a qualified team of private investigators offering a range of services, from domestic surveillance, to fraud investigations, we are able to provide evidence for court both verbal and photographic and evidence to the client in a sensitive and clear format.

Our highly experienced surveillance operatives are selected from the police and military services with many years of experience; they utilise state of the art equipment and technology. These include sophisticated global tracking systems, high-powered photographic and covert video equipment.

Aware emotion is involved in discovering someone is cheating we deal with all cases in a sensitive and honest manner. Sometimes just that little extra service will stand us apart from other agencies.
A quote from Ada Leverson –

“She suspected him of infidelity, with and without reason, morning, noon and night.”
Don’t suspect – Detect

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