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Ensuring your business is proactive and compliant when it comes to fraud, substance abuse, sexual offences and security management.

With increasingly stringent government demands on the public and private sector, our experts have developed a series of highly effective training packages. Delivered by experts who are experienced in providing training, our courses can be tailored to meet your requirements and can be presented in-house at your convenience.

Fraud Awareness

As fraud becomes more prevalent and sophisticated, it’s vital to ensure your business has taken all possible measures to combat it. Our highly successful and popular fraud awareness course covers a range of topics including basic understanding of the risks and methods of internet fraud and internet investigations, identifying in house vulnerabilities and how to put in place effective and preventative strategies and systems.

In addition, we run two specialist anti-fraud courses for the construction and property management industries.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Substance abuse in the work place is corrosive, costly and highly sensitive. Our substance abuse awareness course is aimed at both management and employees and is designed to help staff detect and identify abuse as well as take practical and effective steps for managing and preventing it. The course also covers appropriate testing procedures and how to ensure you have an effective company policy.

Sexual Offences Awareness

Aimed at businesses and educational authorities, our sexual offences awareness course has been developed to promote awareness and confidence for victims and covers reporting methods and victim care as well as the need for and provision of forensic and medical facilities evidence.

Corporate Security Management

We are able to provide innovative security management training for security managers in both the public & private sectors.

Non-Security Managers

Businesses recognise the role of every individual in maintaining effective security. This philosophy is reflected in the innovative course for corporate non-security managers.

Counter Terrorism Awareness

Unfortunately with the world-wide activities of activists, this type of awareness training is paramount to corporate staff and individuals enabling them to respond and react effectively in the event of something taking place in the vicinity of any of these acts.

Security Supervisors

We believe that your security staff cannot be fully effective if they are not totally conversant with security industry policy and procedures.

Security Awareness

We provide lively and interactive training sessions for non-security staff which engender a broad knowledge of security issues as well as enhancing the corporate ‘security culture’.

Conflict Management

The interaction between persons, whether in business or socially, at any stage may lead immediately to aggression or conflict that needs to be recognised and addressed.

Other Training Courses/Presentations

We are able to effectively research, programme and present most other forms of training courses, which involve a security/crime related subject to alert staff and train them how to recognise or deal with a particular problem or activity.

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