Sports Investigations

We have worked on some of the most prominent cases in the UK to protect the reputation of the sports we cherish


Details of Surelock’s investigations must remain confidential, so we cannot disclose information that might identify particular cases.

We have carried out investigations directly for the lawyers representing the Lawn Tennis Association and have also been engaged by a number of Premier League Football Clubs dealing with security issues and specific investigations.


In the past we have been instructed by the Rugby Football Union to assist in gathering evidence in both high profile and also sensitive disciplinary enquiries as well as specific allegations of crime.

Our consultants have worked directly with the RFU Discipline Manager and reported our findings by way of comprehensive reports to RFU Discipline Panel.

Such investigations must typically be conducted thoroughly and in a timely way, often under the spotlight of media attention. It is essential to provide the disciplinary panel with a balanced profile of all available evidence so that a well-grounded finding may be reached.

Our prominent cases have concerned the use of recreational drugs and other disallowed practices, assaults and serious allegations of crime, deemed likely to bring the reputation of the sport into disrepute.


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