Surelock – Stalking & Harassment

24 May

Surelock – Stalking & Harassment

Many would have recently watched the Netflix series Baby Reindeer, where a struggling comedian shows one act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives, as he unknowingly enters into years of being stalked when he takes pity on a stranger by giving them cup of tea on the house.

This is a real problem today and cases require the skills of an experienced investigator, for advice and investigation.

If you think you are being stalked or the victim of harassment, report your concerns to the police. Who may apply for a SPO – Stalking Protection Order.

Tell a friend or relative when you are going out.

Always take a mobile phone with you.

Attack alarms are easy to purchase and should be carried.

Detail incidents in a diary / log of what has happened.

If you are receiving written threats or messages keep copies of these.

Do not answer telephone calls from withheld numbers.

If you establish who is stalking you, do not approach them direct.

Report the incidents to the Police, but sadly in this day and age you may get little response, then is the time to consider hiring a Private Investigator, who will be able to assist with: – 

  • Advice on how to keep safe.
  • Gather intelligence and evidence this.
  • Carry out a period of anti-surveillance.
  • Prepare a full report / evidence pack to submit to the authorities or your lawyers.
  • Assist in what further steps to take.

If you need help or advice on Stalking and Harassment please do not hesitate to contact us, via our web site page – email [email protected] or telephone 0333 6000 300 – we treat all such investigations in strict confidence.