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10 Oct

Brand Protection Court Result

Surelock’s Brand Protection Team on behalf of our clients TRAP (Trademark and Rightsholders Against Piracy) a worldwide collective of rights holders and publishers working with the biggest names in music, film, TV, art and sport, worked for 5 years on this case, one of the worst counterfeit sites in our history, it was not the […]

19 Jul

Manchester – FAKE CITY

Surelock undercover teams working together with City Manchester City Council and Trading Standards, gathering intelligence / evidence in order to assist with these closure orders read more…

06 Jan

New UKIPO survey…

Gauges the state of the market for counterfeits and the role that influencers play in helping to sell them…

16 Dec


After a lengthy investigation by Surelock working together with Tower Hamlets Trading Standards and colleagues from the ACG, premises were raided today, over 1500 trademarked items seized plus laptops/mobile phones etc.  Brands included Apple, Samsung, Beats earphones, Kingston, and SanDisk memory cards plus others.   Congratulations to everyone involved.

03 Dec

War on Counterfeits

Our third successful raid in Manchester in the past month with PIPCU, Greater Manchester Police and Trading Standards – working hard for the clients we represent…