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13 Oct

Surelock the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Products

With Christmas rapidly approaching it is good to be prepared, and not to get duped into buying cheap, inferior and sometimes dangerous counterfeits, or even scammed completely, losing your money. There are massive dangers that come with buying things such as fake vapes/ cigarettes and fake make-up / cosmetics, which can be dangerous because they […]

07 Apr

Surelock – Working with UKBF

Surelock like other brand protection companies work daily with our colleagues at UK Board Force through the UK, we assist with authentications and supply training to the authorities. We always ensure our clients are correctly registered with UKBF and have an active Application for Action (AFA) UKBF officers work 24/7 everyday of the year, protecting […]

13 Feb


Huge congratulations to NFL and the Law Enforcement Agencies in USA combatting the counterfeits prior to the Super Bowl this year and encouraging fans to purchase legitimate products. Click here to read more; As the NFL brand protection partners in UK we will endeavour to do the same working with the authorities here.

14 Jan
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Counterfeiter Facing Jail

After pleading guilty to fraudulently selling an estimated £250k worth of counterfeit goods, Johanna Donnelly of Norwich has been given 3 months to repay £140k. If the money remains unpaid, she will serve 5 months in prison in addition to the 150 hours of community service and an enforced 10 days of rehab she was […]

10 Oct

Brand Protection Court Result

Surelock’s Brand Protection Team on behalf of our clients TRAP (Trademark and Rightsholders Against Piracy) a worldwide collective of rights holders and publishers working with the biggest names in music, film, TV, art and sport, worked for 5 years on this case, one of the worst counterfeit sites in our history, it was not the […]

19 Jul
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Manchester – FAKE CITY

Surelock undercover teams working together with City Manchester City Council and Trading Standards, gathering intelligence / evidence in order to assist with these closure orders read more…