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Another really excellent result by the SURELOCK team working with West Yorkshire Trading Standards in 2016 and sentenced today

Five members of a Bradford family narrowly escape prison sentences for their role in a £500K counterfeit clothing breach of band trademarks, including Arctic Monkeys and Motorhead.

Brand Licensing Europe

Surelock are attending Brand Licensing Europe, London Olympia on 11 October 2017, if you are experiencing problems with counterfeits and need help with brand protection / anti-counterfeit investigations please do not hesitate to make contact.  

From The Intellectual Property Office in their 2016/17 Crime Report

The Intellectual Property Office in their 2016/17 Crime Report brings together the key partners who are protecting our businesses and consumers against criminality. The IP crime protection community represents a blending of government, law-enforcers, trade and industry groups and individual companies. Their report provides an insight into the work of the IP crime fighters, from […]

Search Engines to ‘Demote’ Pirate Websites

  Search engines are now pledging to make it much harder for UK internet users to find pirated films and music and illegally streamed sport. Director general Eddy Leviten of Alliance for Intellectual Property tells the Today programme search engines will endeavour to “accelerate the demotion of pirate websites”. Read more Google piracy report criticised by music industry Pirate […]

We Have Been Granted Corporate Membership of ABI, The Association of British Investigators

We are proud to announce that we have been granted Corporate membership of The Association of British Investigators. This means so much to us as it is further recognition of how we continually strive for excellence, the highest level of professionalism and ethical standing. This achievement complements other memberships of the Surelock team, which include the Association of […]

Bizarre Stories of Infidelity

Everybody likes to believe that their partner would never cheat on them, and that it’s a scenario that they’re only going to encounter in films like What’s New Pussycat and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. But in reality, a substantial number of couples will experience one or both partners cheating. According to a recent survey, Thailand and […]

How to Be Aware and Avoid Buying Counterfeit Goods

Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008), traders are not allowed to pass off their goods as another product. This includes counterfeit goods – fake items deliberately made to look genuine. These are often of lower quality than the original and some could even present a health hazard. There are no cast iron […]