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12 Aug

Surelock’s Services for US Sports Teams

Surelock’s Brand Protection Team are engaged by US Sports Organisations, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. We are pleased to be assisting NFL and respective authorities to deal with potential counterfeit matters at the London Games during October: –  October 2nd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Minnesota Vikings v. New Orleans Saints October 9th at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium […]

12 Aug

Surelock’s Banking Frauds

What’s the difference between fraud and a scam? What is fraud? Fraud is a criminal act to deceive you and take your cash – it’s a transaction that you didn’t make or authorise. What is a scam? A scam is where you’re tricked into making or authorising a payment to a criminal’s account. Scammers impersonate […]

01 Jul

Surelock – What is Counterfeiting?

This is organised crime, these criminals know which brands are popular, they produce fake products that look similar to the genuine brand. Many also use the brand logo or copy everything about the product to make it look authentic. There are many products advertised online for less money or even the same price that are […]

22 Jun

Surelocks’ Surveillance Services

Surveillance is not easy and is definitely not like you see on the TV, we always tell potential clients “You cannot make surveillance happen, it has to be intelligence led” – a particular day, time and location. Much surveillance nowadays is domestic / cheating partner surveillance, sadly this usually only takes a day’s work to […]

LVMH & Tiffany Merger

In Washington on Dec 30, 2020 – Shareholders of US jeweller Tiffany overwhelmingly approved a merger with France’s LVMH ending months of drama in a $15.8 billion deal.Tiffany has suffered in recent years from competition from brands favoured by millennials.