Stalking & Harassment – Rachel’s Story in her own words…

31 May

Stalking & Harassment – Rachel’s Story in her own words…

How It All Started

In early 2013, during my tenure at a prestigious financial institution in the City of London, I routinely fielded numerous business calls daily, with a significant portion originating from recruitment agencies presenting potential opportunities.

One Tuesday morning, I received a call from ‘Dan’, a known agent at a well-established recruitment agency. 

I was immediately impressed by his charisma, professionalism, deep understanding of my field, and his personalised approach to supporting my next career move.

We scheduled a face-to-face meeting to discuss several opportunities, but I couldn’t foresee its long-term implications. At that time, I was vulnerable and distressed due to my father’s poor health. My focus on professional goals prevented me from noticing any behavioural ‘red flags’.

Key Behavioural Characteristics (Stalker – Harasser)

‘Dan’ was highly attentive, consistently complimenting my professional achievements and mirroring my interests and aspirations. 

He created a unique sense of connection, making me feel understood and appreciated. 

An emotional bond quickly formed, and I believed he was genuinely promoting my professional profile. He made me feel exceptionally valued, both professionally and personally.

After six months, I became intimately involved with ‘Dan’, a relationship that left lasting scars. 

His compliments, affection, and charm led me to believe he could also be the perfect partner and soulmate. However, this was short-lived, and what followed profoundly changed my life.

All of a sudden ‘Dan’s’ behaviour shifted; he became controlling, critical, and dismissive of my emotions. 

I endured silent treatments and guilt trips, which eroded my self-worth and common sense. 

He alienated me from family, friends, and colleagues, blaming them and me for our issues. When I didn’t comply with his wishes, he became envious, passive-aggressive, and distant, displaying a lack of empathy that was frightening.

I discovered he was also smearing my reputation, including my professional standing, to his friends and colleagues. 

He contacted my firm, using deceitful tactics to undermine my professional integrity. 

His charisma and deceptiveness convinced everyone, enhancing his sense of entitlement and superiority. 

His inflated ego and victim mentality led to various forms of exploitation, especially financial and emotional, which I was continuously subjected to.

Realising something was fundamentally wrong, I began preparing an escape plan. 

Isolated and without support, I told him I needed time for myself, avoiding direct blame. 

His response was anger, rage, and ultimately violence.

He became physically abusive, shaking me to the point of dizziness and pushing me against walls, slapping me, and threatening me with sharp knives to mark my body and promising further fatal harm if I tried to leave. 

Terrified, I avoided work and contact with the outside world. 

He started stalking me relentlessly, appearing everywhere I went.

Despite my efforts to remain under the radar, ‘Dan’s’ stalking intensified. 

He monitored my every move, appearing outside my home and alternative work places, following me on public transport, and shadowing me at the supermarkets. 

The omnipresence of his friends, who participated in the ‘Harassment’ campaign, added to my sense of entrapment. 

They were everywhere, ensuring I saw their smirking faces, conveying an unspoken threat.

Social media became another battleground. ‘Dan’ and his friends bombarded me with derogatory comments daily. 

Their relentless attacks eroded my confidence and sense of security, making me feel increasingly isolated and vulnerable.

The deceitful call from the “Post Office,” requesting a close family member’s address to deliver a ‘package’, was a stark reminder of ‘Dan’s’ pervasive reach. 

This calculated move aimed to invade my last sanctuary, pushing me further into a state of terror.

The Police

I eventually decided to contact the Police, as I had been blaming myself for everything that was happening to me. 

My self-confidence and reasoning were so eroded that I felt I didn’t deserve protection and had to endure the situation.

I went to a nearby Police Station and was received by two young Officers. 

I spent about three hours explaining my case, shaking uncontrollably, and feeling ill. I knew that ‘Dan’ wanted to harm me. 

To my surprise, the Officers laughed, telling me I was overly sensitive and that every relationship has ‘ups and downs’. They insisted I needed to prove I was in real danger. 

I was speechless and shocked.

Desperately, I begged them to consider my case and submitted all the evidence I had: screenshots from social media, threatening messages on my phone, a list of missed calls, and other alarming forms of evidence. 

They dismissed my case, saying they lacked reasonable grounds to act.

Undeterred, I visited another Police Station, only to be told the same thing. 

They claimed I was overreacting and needed to prove I was in danger.

Meanwhile, the ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassment’ continued. 

‘Dan’ and his friends were aware of my contact with the Police and mocked me on social media, sending indirect messages that I would be punished for involving Law Enforcement. 

These messages were accompanied by derogatory comments about the Police, the Law Enforcement, and the Legal system, as well.

The Solicitor’s Intervention

I eventually consulted a prominent City solicitor with expertise in ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassment’. Despite his high fees, his reputation as one of the best in the City of London made him my best option.

The solicitor sent “Cease-and-Desist” letters to Dan and his friends, but their response was outrageous, accusing ME of threatening them and their families. 

Recognising the complexity of the situation and following additional consultations with all the evidence we had, the solicitor advised me to “vanish”, as he realised this was not a straightforward case.

Legal Framework on ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassment’ in 2013

At that time, although the legislative framework had clarified the definition of ‘Stalking’ as a “course of conduct” constituting both ‘Harassment’ and ‘Stalking’ and had introduced a separate offense for ‘Stalking’ causing “fear of violence” or “serious distress,” providing a clearer basis for Police investigations and prosecutions, I still felt completely on my own!

Private Investigators – “Surelock Global Investigators”

Reaching a breaking point, I decided to engage Private Investigators to handle my situation effectively. 

It was crucial to find experts who were at the top of their field, capable of providing a customised approach that aligned with my specific needs, priorities, and requirements. 

I needed professionals who could be both proactive and reactive, anticipating issues and responding swiftly to any developments.

After an extensive search and thorough evaluation of various agencies, I identified “Surelock Global Investigators” as the best in the Industry. 

Their reputation for excellence, combined with their specialised expertise in handling complex cases like mine, made them the ideal choice. 

They offered a comprehensive range of services tailored to my circumstances, ensuring that every aspect of my situation was meticulously managed.

Their track record of successful outcomes and their commitment to Client satisfaction reassured me that I was in capable hands. 

“Surelock Global Investigators” demonstrated a deep understanding of the nuances of ‘Stalking and Harassment’ cases, providing me with confidence that they could manage the complexities of my situation effectively.

Furthermore, their proactive approach to investigations and their ability to adapt strategies based on evolving circumstances instilled a sense of trust and reliability. 

I was impressed by their attention to detail and their dedication to achieving results while prioritising my safety and well-being.

Working with “Surelock Global Investigators” provided me with a sense of empowerment and support during a challenging time. 

Their professionalism, expertise, and hyper-personalised approach were instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of my case and take steps towards resolution and recovery.


Dan and his ‘associates’ soon became aware of my engagement with “Surelock Global Investigators”. 

It appeared evident that they had thoroughly researched the situation and received assurances regarding the calibre of professionals they would be contending with. 

“Surelock Global Investigators”  boasts a team of ‘seasoned’ Law Enforcement experts with unparalleled experience in handling every single case, no matter how complex, such as ‘Stalking and Harassment’.

As a result, ‘Dan’ and his cohorts gradually ceased their activities and began to withdraw from social media and my life. 

Despite this, ‘Dan’ maintained his fixation and resorted to creating numerous fake social media profiles to continue his ‘Stalking’ behaviour. 

However, his messages often betrayed his growing concern about potential legal consequences, expressing fear of being apprehended by Law Enforcement. 

Tragically, he passed away several years ago due to an extended illness.

Without the intervention of “Surelock Global Investigators”, I firmly believe that ‘Dan’ and his associates would have posed a significant threat to my safety and well-being. 

Their determination and relentless pursuit underscore the importance of having dedicated professionals like “Surelock Global Investigators” in such challenging circumstances.

Although strides have been made in reinforcing the legal framework surrounding ‘Stalking and Harassment’, much remains to be done to support victims like myself. 

Law Enforcement Agencies require highly trained Officers and sufficient resources to effectively prevent and prosecute such crimes, safeguarding individuals from harm before it’s too late.

I am immensely grateful to “Surelock Global Investigators” for providing me with peace of mind, security and safety during a tumultuous period. 

Their unwavering support proved invaluable in both my personal and professional life. 

They have become trusted partners, and I cannot overstate my appreciation for their solid presence and continuous support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Surelock – you will be in safe hands – we are always happy to have a chat. Give us a call to discuss on 0333 6000 300 or email [email protected]