Surelock’s Services for Premier League Football Clubs

27 Jun

Surelock’s Services for Premier League Football Clubs

It’s a great pleasure to work on behalf of Premier League Football Clubs, one of which we have done for over 17 years, working directly with their security team.

We wonder sometimes though with players earning such good money, many do not take the security of themselves, their family or their home seriously, probably because they are too busy travelling, training and playing the game.

Whilst players are away, such as at The Euros 2024, their homes and families are most at risk.

We provide several confidential services for the clubs: –

  • Investigations
  • Test purchases
  • Surveillance, physical, covert and electronic 
  • Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug sweeps)
  • Crowd monitoring in the stadium and enroute to games

Considering recent events at many clubs, where violent robberies have occurred when the players are either playing away, or indeed representing their Country overseas. We provide the following services: – 

  • Risk assessments 
  • Security surveys
  • Advice on personal security
  • Regular vehicle checks for tracking devices

Regardless of how famous you are or how busy, prevention is better the cure!

With Surelock you deal with experts who have many years’ experiences in this field, and we provide a personal service.

You will be in safe hands, so if you have a need for this professional service, please contact us