Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug Sweeps)

Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug Sweeps)

Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug Sweeps) it really worries us the number of companies out there offering countermeasures sweeps with little or no experience. It is so easy to purchase equipment off of the internet or from and electrical retailer and then sell this service to unsuspecting clients who think you are the experts.

Of course the electric sweep using ‘Radio Spectrum Analysers’ , Computer based SDR [Software Defined Scanning] Technology, High Gain active Scanning Antennas, Dual hand held GSM and Full Spectrum Near Field Detectors, NLJD –Non Linear Junction Detectors and GSM [Cell phone] activity detectors are very much an important part of any sweep, but for us the most important part is the fingertip search and for this you need a trained electronic engineer who knows what to look for. 

Then at the end of the operation you can genuinely tell the client that there is nothing there or indeed find out that there was, that is what our clients rely on! Unknown surveillance devices can cause a lot of issues for a company or individual, so if you suspect you are being bugged, make sure you come to Surelock for a fully comprehensive countermeasure sweep.