<h1 class="entry-title">Year: 2015</h1>

Two Men Jailed for Trade Mark Offences

Surelock, as part of its ongoing brand protection programme for clients, routinely works alongside UKBF (Customs) detaining counterfeit product when it enters the UK from China.  On this occasion goods were detained at Coventry Parcel Force Hub and Heathrow (Langley) Hub.  After Enfield Trading Standards officers identified the importers there followed a lengthy investigation… On Monday 14th December […]

China Anti-Counterfeiting Agents are Counterfeiters Themselves

Companies hired by western manufacturers produce their own counterfeits, present them as seized goods and collect big bounties, an investigation finds. Multinational corporations doing business in China face a losing battle when it comes to keeping copies of their products off the market, with anti-counterfeiting investigators either collaborating with producers of the fake goods, or copying […]

More than £500,000 of Counterfeit Goods Seized from Trocadero Tourist Shops

More than £500,000 worth of counterfeit goods – including teddy bears, football shirts and illegal condoms – were seized in a pre-Christmas raid in central London. The crackdown targeted 10 stores in and around the famous Trocadero Centre in Piccadilly Circus. Among the haul recovered from traders were fake Minions clothing, condoms emblazoned with an […]

Fake LinkedIn Profiles Used by Hackers

A growing number of hackers are targeting professionals on LinkedIn, according to security firm Symantec. Its investigation uncovered dozens of fake accounts on the social network, across a variety of industries. Posing as recruiters, the fake accounts allow hackers to map the networks of business professionals and gain the trust of those in them. The […]

Trading Standards Officers Seize 15,000 Unsafe Hoverboards

More than 15,000 unsafe hoverboards – otherwise known as self-balancing scooters – have been seized at ports and airports around the UK. Trading Standards officers said the boards were in danger of overheating, exploding or catching fire. Hoverboards, which are popular with celebrities including Lilly Allen, are expected to be big Christmas sellers. The London […]

Trio in Court Accused of Selling Fake 1D Clothing in Plymouth

Following a Surelock investigation…… THREE people have faced a judge accused of selling a huge haul of fake goods – including One Direction clothing. Kenneth Colley, aged 42, Jason Ross, aged 45 and Anna Strzelecka, aged 39, appeared at Plymouth Crown Court jointly charges with selling clothing bearing trademarked images between July 1 2009 and […]

Surelock Supports Major Anti-Counterfeiting Operation in Camden

On Friday 19 November 2015, following reconnaissances made by Surelock,  we together with other ACG members, assisted Camden Trading Standards carry out a major anti-counterfeit operation on three targeted retail stores in Camden High Street selling counterfeit merchandise. More than 4,000 music branded teeshirts & sweatshirts were seized including One Direction, 5 SOS, Motorhead, Arctic Monkeys, Black Sabbath, […]