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Beware of Deadly Car Seats

  • 11:58 am
  • Parents are being warned not to buy deadly car seats that can kill a child at even low speeds of 30mph.
    Surrey County Council’s trading standards team issued the warning after it uncovered a global online market in the illegal seats.

    Click link to view testing of un-safe child seat

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Overview of our Investigation Services

  • 10:03 am
  • Surelock Investigators & Security Consultants We are pleased to announce our new slideshow video which we put together so that those who only have a minute spare (82 seconds, to be exact) can a get a good overview of our investigation services – from Brand Protection and Fraud Protection through to Internal Audits and Security Surveys and Assessments. Just click here and enjoy.

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Surelock Sponsors a School in Uganda

  • 2:21 am
  • 14012962_10154370970733764_2060277667_o

    Through an old friend and former Police colleague, Steve Gaskin, who does so much charitable work for the education of children in Uganda, Surelock have proudly sponsored a school where our small donation will help with school uniforms, book bags, mini white boards and will assist with the cost of supporting a child through an academic year. Below is a picture of Moses whom we sponsored. He lost both mum & dad through AIDS and lives with his sister. We have offered relief, security and a heart for doing good.  God Bless and Good luck Moses”


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Brandgenuity Grows Gas Monkey Garage in Europe

  • 8:30 am
  • Surelock has been retained to protect the IP rights of Gas Monkey Garage

    Agency signs three new licensees for automotive brand.


    Brandgenuity has secured three European licensees to help expand the Gas Monkey Garage brand outside of the U.S.

    The brand is inspired by the Dallas, Texas, automotive restoration shop that is featured in the reality TV series “Fast N’ Loud.”

    Gas Monkey Garage’s new licensees include Changes Europe for men’s and women’s apparel; Hybris for men’s and women’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, knit beanies, mugs, tablet and mobile phone cases and messenger bags in the U.K. and Ireland; and Phase International for automotive accessories including fluids, car cleaning products, polishes, waxes, windshield wipers and more.

    “Gas Monkey Garage is a brand for true car enthusiasts,” says Teri Niadna, managing director, Brandgenuity Europe. “Fans wear their passion for cars on their sleeves, and love to get their hands dirty. Our licensees are designing clothing and gear that lets them do just that.”

    Brandgenuity is Gas Monkey Garage’s exclusive licensing agency in the U.S. and Europe. The agency plans to continue to expand the brand with partners in after-market auto accessories, apparel, gifts, gaming and more.


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Video Overview of Surelock’s Investigative and Security Services

  • 10:40 am
  • Surelock Private Investigators and Security Consultants Video Thumbnail
    Thumbnail for Our New Video

    To all our readers. We recently created a video to give a good and quick overview of the Surelock team and services. We think it serves its purpose very well, that being to provide an alternative way for our clients and prospects to find out about our philosophy, background and the investigative and consultancy services we provide, and all in just a little over 2 minutes. We are planning a direct link from our website. Please also note that we just updated it as the logo showing that we are members of ABI (the Association of British Investigators) recently changed.

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Unusual Items Stolen or Recovered by the Police

  • 1:45 pm
  • In August 2015, Northamptonshire Police issued an online appeal for information relating to a burglary at Winwick Hall, near Northampton. According to the message, the crime occurred in June of the same year and items stolen from the manor house included “a taxidermied sheep and a wicker chair in the shape of an elephant.”


    Strange Items Stolen

    Hotels are a common target for petty criminals and many establishments regularly have toiletries, towels and bed linen stolen, while some opportunistic guests even manage to steal larger items, including television sets. However, a hotel in Bath called The Residence reported that sex toys were among its most common items stolen.

    Police stations, meanwhile, may seem like less obvious targets, but they also deal with frequent thefts, with some criminals managing to steal weapons, cars and other items of high value. With that said, Priory Road Police Station was the scene of a slightly stranger theft in June 2010, when a packet of six Sunblest crumpets was swiped

    A year earlier, both Cornwall and Devon Police recorded thefts of copies of Nuts Magazine, in separate incidents.

    Unfortunately, some unusual thefts are more sinister in nature. In 2012, Surrey Police were called after a teenager, Sam Edwards, was found to be selling micro-piglets from his garden shed. The tiny animals, worth around £700 each, had been stolen from a pig breeder after she had advertised them. Edwards was later jailed for 28 months.


    Unusual Police Raids

    Police raids often turn up a variety of strange and peculiar items and Surelock (Global Investigators and Security Consultants) have reported on several unusual items turning up in raids they have been involved with. These include “One Erection” condoms, fancy dress character heads of a well-known bear and stash lighters for storing drugs. The Metropolitan Police force also recently reported on unusual animal-related thefts it had been asked to investigate, including the loss of 39,000 bees, acrobatic pigeons, a bag of mosquitos and a cockatiel with one-and-a-half legs.

    One more alarming trend has been the rise of illegal wildlife products finding their way into Britain’s marketplace. Items which have turned up in raids have included rhino horns, elephant tusks and even lion skulls. In July 2014, Metropolitan Police issued a plea for Londoners to hand in any such items to their local police station, in a bid to raise awareness and help tackle the problem. The campaign was publicly supported by comedian Ricky Gervais.


    From the Grim to the Bizarre

    Finally, in July 2015, Greater Manchester Police were called to the city’s Bridgewater Canal, where a member of the public had apparently made a rather grim discovery. While walking along the canal, the man encountered what he believed to be a dead body floating in the water, wrapped in cloth or some other similar material. Taking control of the situation, the man decided to drag the suspected corpse to dry land, before calling the police. Manchester’s canal system has previously been the scene of a high number of fatal accidents and incidents, and investigators were quick to respond and arrive at the scene, fearing the worst.

    However, the discovery ended up being somewhat less dramatic than was initially feared. In fact, the ‘dead body’ turned out to be nothing more than a duvet filled with coconuts. Of course, the question of why someone decided to dump a coconut-filled duvet in the canal remains anyone’s guess.


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Paddington Bear Writer Awarded CBE for Services to Children’s Literature

  • 5:30 pm
  • Surelock is proud to act for Paddington and Company Limited for protection of its intellectual property rights.

    • Michael Bond, 89, said he may take much-loved character to the ceremony
    • The author was also given an OBE in 1997 for his creation Paddington Bear
    • Big screen success introduced the bear to a new generation of children

    Paddington Bear may be getting a trip to Buckingham Palace to see his creator collect his CBE.

    Michael Bond, 89, joked he may take the much-loved children’s character along, provided the bear does not try to sneak in a marmalade sandwich under his hat.

    13068686000005DC-0-image-a-16_1434145055249Mr Bond, who has been awarded a CBE for services to children’s literature to add to the OBE he received in July 1997, said: ‘I think it (the award) will be good for children’s books as a whole. I am delighted but I do think that my pleasure is mostly directed at Paddington getting it because he is a very real person to me.’

    Recent big screen success has introduced the clumsy but impeccably polite bear to a new generation of children. Paddington hails from ‘darkest Peru’, loves marmalade sandwiches and is adopted by the Brown family.

    Mr Bond’s first book, A Bear Called Paddington, was published in 1958. The Paddington books have sold over 35 million copies worldwide and been translated into over 30 languages.

    Mr Bond said: ‘I got the OBE some years ago. I took him to the palace and read the notice I had from the palace about what you can and can’t do. Then I saw it said that no food must be taken in and I realised he probably had a marmalade sandwich under his hat – that was quite a worry.

    ‘To me he is very real and sometimes he makes me laugh when I am writing him. He is so accident-prone but I admire his confidence.’

    He said he will ‘probably’ take Paddington to the palace, saying: ‘Yes, if I am allowed to because the time before people wanted a photograph of him.

    ‘I think the award is more for the Paddington books than anything else (I have done).’

    Mr Bond was born in Newbury, Berkshire, and educated at Presentation College, Reading. He served in both the Royal Air Force and the Middlesex Regiment of the British Army during the Second World War. He began writing in 1945 when he was in the Army.

    234EB07400000578-0-image-a-17_1434145075720The dream of becoming a writer was born after he was paid seven guineas when his first short story was sold to a magazine called London Opinion.

    With a mass of short stories and radio plays under his belt, his agent suggested that he could consider writing for children.

    Mr Bond turned a television play into a children’s play and eventually the married father-of- two from Maida Vale, London, crafted a career as a successful children’s writer.

    Full article:



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‘Big Shock’ as Blackbushe Market is Closed with Immediate Effect

  • 6:44 am
  • British Car Auctions, which owns the land the market is held upon, confirmed the market will no longer run due to a decline in visitors.

    Blackbushe Market has been closed with immediate effect, in a shock announcement by the landowner.

    British Car Auctions (BCA), which has owned the land since 1984, confirmed on Tuesday (May 5) that the market will no longer take place due to a decline in trade.

    It means Sunday’s market on May 3 was the last one, with stallholders saying the decision came out of the blue to them.

    British Car Auctions has announced the Blackbushe Sunday market will not be held again


    In a statement, BCA said: “BCA has confirmed the closure of Blackbushe Sunday Market following consultation with employees.

    “The closure comes as a result of the long-term decline in numbers of stallholders and customers.”

    Rumours of the market’s imminent closure have been circulating via social media since January, however BCA vehemently denied there was any truth in them.

    At the time, BCA even began making regular announcements over the market’s PA refuting rumours that it would close, which continued into the last few weeks.

    Despite this, traders were told that the market had been cancelled with immediate effect on Tuesday morning.

    Keith Davis from Chiddingfold runs Outdoor Country Wear and has been a stallholder at the market for 35 years.

    Mr Davis said: “Sellers and buyers will turn up from all over the country (on Sunday) and they won’t know what’s going on.

    “Many of the traders have mortgages to pay and children to feed. They rely on the market to be able to do that. They have customers lined up for the weekend, but now they won’t be there.

    “Why didn’t they (BCA) tell us last Sunday? I think it’s because they didn’t want us getting together to stop it. The way they’ve dealt with this is very underhand.

    “I’ve heard there are plans to redevelop the site, but we were always told that it is common land and it couldn’t be built on.

    “It’s a big shock for the traders who have been at Blackbushe long-term. We supported the market through the lean winter months and now, when business is picking up, they shut it down.

    “Many of the traders will struggle to get a spot at any other Sunday market now, because they were given no warning that Blackbushe would close.

    “This used to be the biggest and best market in the south east, but it has been let go of due to a lack of interest by the owner. This is really unfair on the people who make a living from the market.

    “As traders, we chat to people who might not have many opportunities to get out and meet people. We enjoy a bit of banter with everyone and we do a lot of good that way.”

    by Tara O’Connor getHAMPSHIRE 5th May 2015

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Schoolboy, 8, Hospitalised Playing Deadly New Children’s Game of ‘Sleeper’

  • 9:32 pm
    • Eight-year-old boy was hospitalised after being suffocated during ‘game’
    • In it child’s nose and mouth are held shut by another until they pass out
    • Police in Manchester are warning that ‘sleeper’ prank is potentially fatal
    • Councillor says craze must be stopped before ‘we have a terrible tragedy’

    An eight-year-old boy was taken to hospital after falling victim to a prank when he was suffocated until he passed out.

    Police in Manchester have now issued a warning to parents over the game, known as ‘sleeper’, which officers say is potentially fatal.

    The child’s details have not been release but a Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the child is believed to have had underlying health problems and is expected to make a full recovery.

    Officers from Greater Manchester Police have been forced to issue a warning on Facebook (pictured) after an eight-year-old boy was hospitalised after a playground suffocation prank called 'sleeper' went wrong
    Officers from Greater Manchester Police have been forced to issue a warning on Facebook (pictured) after an eight-year-old boy was hospitalised after a playground suffocation prank called ‘sleeper’ went wrong

    The ‘sleeper’ prank involves a child having their nose and mouth held shut by another child until they black out from lack of oxygen.

    The youngster was treated in hospital on Wednesday after they were a ‘sleeper’ victim, police said.

    Officers in North Manchester believe it is a new craze and have alerted parents.

    GMP’s North Manchester division posted on their Facebook site after the incident: ‘Dangerous New Craze Warning – Attention all parents/guardians…We have received reports of a new craze called ‘Sleeper’ This involves children completely covering the mouth and noses of younger children until they completely pass out.

    Manchester's city centre chief councillor Pat Karney (pictured) has said the craze must be stopped 'before we have a tragedy on our hands'

    Manchester’s city centre chief councillor Pat Karney (pictured) has said the craze must be stopped ‘before we have a tragedy on our hands’

    ‘This is extremely dangerous, a child is currently in hospital being treated after falling victim to this game. Please advise every child you know and warn them of the dangers, this could easily lead to concussion or even death.

    The post has now been shared more than 11,200 times on the social network.

    GMP’s Facebook post received a flurry of responses from followers, some claiming the game dates back several years.

    Tasha Williams replied: ‘This was happening when I was at school although it was someone pushing on your chest really hard or on your throat, it is a stupid game.’

    Linzi Walker added: ‘It’s not new it’s been going for years and years.’

    But Pete James said: ‘Only buzz I used to get as a kid was putting a crushed carton in the back wheel of my bike and making it sound like a motorbike! What’s wrong with kids??’

    Stuart Roberts worte: ‘Are the children of today total numbnuts??’

    Sebastian Ziola added: ‘Back in my day, we played Pogs. Oh how times change.’

    A senior council boss in Manchester has issued a stark warning about the craze.

    Pat Karney, councillor for neighbouring Harpurhey ward, told the Manchester Evening News: ‘This news will put the fear of God in any parent or guardian.

    ‘I will be talking to the council officers in the area to see how we can provide more information and warnings to local schools and parents.

    ‘It has to stop before we have a terrible tragedy on our hands. The problem is that when kids hear about an incident like this, it goes viral in an instant in today’s world.

     Officers in Manchester (GMP headquarters pictured) believe 'sleeper' is a new craze and have alerted parents

     Officers in Manchester (GMP headquarters pictured) believe ‘sleeper’ is a new craze and have alerted parents


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Unlimited Fines for Serious Offences

  • 9:08 pm
  • A new law came into force on 12 March 2015 which removes the £5,000 cap that used to limit the maximum fines magistrates could impose.  Now they can issue much higher penalties on offenders who have committed the most serious ‘Level Five’ offences.

    The move will give magistrates more flexibility when deciding on punishments – they will still be able to hand down prison sentences of up to 6 months and be able to refer more serious cases to a Crown Court if they think a longer jail term is necessary.

    Justice Minister Mike Penning said “Dangerous criminals will always belong in prison but it is important that magistrates, who sentence the majority of offenders who come through our courts, have the power to hand down the appropriate punishment with the severity they see fit. Criminals should be in no doubt that if they break the law they will face consequences and where a fine is the most appropriate sentence this could run into several thousands”.

    s300_court-960x640In 2012 the government changed the law to give magistrates more powers to fine offenders. Today’s change removes the upper limit on all current fines and maximum fines of £5,000 and above in the magistrates courts.

    Some examples of offences that will be included are:

    • manufacture, import and sale of realistic imitation firearms – maximum penalty of 6 months in prison or a Level Five fine
    • selling, supplying, offering to supply and hiring products to persons under 18, such as adult fireworks, crossbows/knives/axes/blades – maximum penalty of 6 month in prison or a Level Five fine
    • sale of alcohol to children – maximum penalty of 6 months in prison or a Level Five fine
    • unauthorised sale of (football) tickets – maximum penalty of 6 months in prison or a Level Five fine
    • harassment (without violence) – maximum penalty of 6 months in prison or a Level Five fine)
    • making false statement or representation to obtain social security benefit – maximum penalty of 3 months in prison or a Level Five fine
    • failure to comply with an improvement notice to ensure properties are safe and habitable – maximum penalty of a Level Five fine
    • Sentencing is a matter for the independent judiciary, based on the full facts of the case. When handing down any fines magistrates will still take into account the financial means of the offender according to the sentencing guidelines.

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