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01 Mar

Surelock – Brand Protection Services

In recent years Surelock’s Brand Protection Team have been directly responsible for some of the largest seizures of counterfeit designer wear, high end watches and perfumes ever seen in the UK, resulting in criminal court actions, working with the authorities to take these -sometimes dangerous products off of the streets and assisting in the prosecution […]

27 Jan
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“Scotland’s King of Bling”

We assisted Falkirk Trading Standards in 2014 with authentication evidence following the seizure of our clients counterfeit TAG Heuer and Hublot watches plus many other brands valued at £1,029,474, from the man dubbed “Scotland’s King of Bling”. He was jailed in 2022 and has now been ordered to pay  Proceeds of crime of more than […]

02 Nov
Surelock counterfeits seizure News

Biggest Seizures EVER of Counterfeit High-End Watches and Designer Goods

The Surelock Brand Protection Team have for several months been covertly gathering intelligence on a major distributor of counterfeit high-end watches and designer goods based in Charles House, Southall, London, an area which is renowned for counterfeits. On Tuesday 1 November 2022 together with a dedicated team from City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime […]