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17 Feb
Anti counterfeits

Surelock’s Social Media Brand Protection Services.

During the Pandemic Facebook and Instagram have become major sellers of Counterfeits  There are over 26,000 active counterfeit fashion accounts on Facebook and over 20,000 on Instagram. While the sum of these accounts is down from a peak of 56,000 in 2019, it indicates the fitful progress of Facebook/Meta Platforms in their efforts to stop […]

Fake LinkedIn Profiles Used by Hackers

A growing number of hackers are targeting professionals on LinkedIn, according to security firm Symantec. Its investigation uncovered dozens of fake accounts on the social network, across a variety of industries. Posing as recruiters, the fake accounts allow hackers to map the networks of business professionals and gain the trust of those in them. The […]

National Markets Group Launches Inaugural Awards for Tackling IP Crime

At the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards conference in Bournemouth last week (Wed 1 July 2015), Leon Livermore, CEO of the CTSI presented the inaugural National Markets Group Awards. The National Markets Group for IP Protection (NMG), which consists of representatives from industry, enforcement and government, works in partnership to reduce the availability of counterfeit […]

Social Media Advertising Warning from Trading Standards

Once again people who are using social media to advertise their businesses are being urged to do it legally after Trading Standards in Swansea has achieved another successful Prosecution. The call follows a latest court case at West Glamorgan Magistrates Court in which a Swansea man received significant fines for advertising services which he was […]

The Golden Thread – Intelligence, Evidence-based Policy and IP Enforcement

In the past year the EU Observatory on IP Infringements has published two key studies on intellectual property and the way that it is generally perceived. The studies aim to provide much-needed independent evidence to help form a basis for a new narrative that will raise awareness about the global value of intellectual property. The […]

Emma Watson Fake Nude Videos Spreading Malware on Facebook

Antivirus solutions provider Bitdefender has warned that fake videos spreading across Facebook are leading to malware infections rather than the promised content. The new Facebook scam takes advantage of Emma Watson’s growing popularity, using the actress as bait. It starts with a Facebook comment promising to reveal private or leaked videos of the celebrity. The […]

Facebook Sues Fake ‘like’ Scammers for £1.3bn

Facebook has vowed to “aggressively get rid of fake likes” on its network. The site said it had won more than $2bn (£1.3bn) in legal judgements against scam artists who sold fake likes to businesses. Many businesses buy likes to make their products or brands appear more popular. But Facebook said bumping up likes this […]

Fake Celebrity Story Scams on Facebook

Facebook is not the place to receive your celebrity news and gossip! Scammers use fake deaths and other sensational stories to entice users. These often spread very fast, because users share the posts before verifying the story.