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12 Aug

Another great result!

Surelock’s Brand Protection Team working together with Liverpool Trading Standards and local police, seizing hundreds of counterfeit music T-shirts and designer watches from a storage unit in the City. Our thanks to the authorities for their continued hard work for more information about Surelock…

12 Aug

Surelock’s Services for US Sports Teams

Surelock’s Brand Protection Team are engaged by US Sports Organisations, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. We are pleased to be assisting NFL and respective authorities to deal with potential counterfeit matters at the London Games during October: –  October 2nd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Minnesota Vikings v. New Orleans Saints October 9th at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium […]

29 Jul

The Brand Protection Team at Surelock

are retained by TRAP (Trademark and Rightsholders Against Piracy) which is a worldwide collective of rights holders and publishers working with the biggest names in music, film, TV, art and sport. We look after the brand protection of all the music artists above.

21 Jul

Surelock – working in partnership with the authorities

This month our Brand Protection team have worked in partnership with City of London Police (PIPCU) having covertly gathered intelligence about a number of counterfeit sellers in Manchester’s Fake City, we then assisted in the raids of three separate buildings housing numerous outlets selling our clients counterfeits, hundreds of thousands of perfumes, watches and merchandise […]

01 Mar

Surelock’s Brand Update

Now we are all getting back to some normality, our Brand Protection team have seen an increase in counterfeit goods coming into the UK, being sold online and in the main counterfeit areas, especially Manchester. Our covert teams have been out and about identifying outlets all over the UK selling our clients counterfeits, markets, retail […]