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19 Aug

Surelock’s Investigation Services

We are often contacted by members of the public and business owners frustrated that they tried to report a crime to the police, and it has not been accepted as such, on occasions they have substantial evidence and even named suspects. It is not easy reporting a crime to the police nowadays, usually this has […]

05 Aug

What Can a Private Investigator Do?

Private investigators can help you with a variety of issues, whether this is to assist in criminal investigations, catch a cheating partner, or gather evidence of fraud. Our team at Surelock have come together to create a list of some of the main reasons why our clients come to us for our private investigation services.  […]

14 Jan
Relationship Strain due to Cheating min

Surelock’s Cheating Partner Surveillance 

A great deal of our surveillance work starts with a call from a nervous member of the public who explains they suspect their partner of infidelity. The first thing we do is to have a chat with them and establish why they have these fears, sometimes they ask us to carry out a week’s surveillance, […]

25 Mar

Surelock’s Fraud Investigation Services

Whether you are a corporate business or a private individual, it is not easy to decide when to use a Private Investigator. First and foremost, ensure you are instructing a credible company, check them out and see if they are members of a professional body such as The Association of British Investigators. We have a […]

05 Jul
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Why Use a Private Investigator?

There are many investigative companies nowadays offering a whole range of services, some with a great deal of experience and others sadly with little, that is why when you entrust your investigation into the hands of a private company you should first see if they are members of a credible body such as The Association […]

China Anti-Counterfeiting Agents are Counterfeiters Themselves

Companies hired by western manufacturers produce their own counterfeits, present them as seized goods and collect big bounties, an investigation finds. Multinational corporations doing business in China face a losing battle when it comes to keeping copies of their products off the market, with anti-counterfeiting investigators either collaborating with producers of the fake goods, or copying […]

Private Investigator Hit With £89,000 Penalty

A man who ran a company that tricked organisations into revealing personal details about customers has today been ordered to pay a total of £20,000 in fines and prosecution costs, as well as a confiscation order of over £69,000 at a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court. Barry Spencer, 42, ran ICU Investigations Limited in Feltham, […]

Hiring a Private Investigator

Jonathan Rayner, a staff writer of the Law Society Gazette, explains what a law firm can do to distinguish between good and bad private investigators. Hiring a private investigator was once, to coin a phrase, elementary. You would take a hansom cab to 221B Baker Street. There would be no uncouth discussion of fees or, […]