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21 Jan
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Surelock – Core Services

With a New Year come new challenges, if ever you need professional help either as a private individual or business, Surelock has a dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced team of professional private investigators and security consultants that work across London and the UK. BRAND PROTECTION – We are one of the most pro-active successful Brand […]

09 Dec
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Surelock – Why use a Private Detective

There are many reasons why a company or private individual require the services of a private investigator and when you do it is probably because you have a problem: – Make sure they are members of a credible organization such as The Association of British Investigators Here at Surelock we have over 25 years’ experience […]

11 Nov
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Surelock – Our Core Services

Surelock has a dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced team of professional private investigators and security consultants that work across London and the UK. It has been an incredibly busy time for our Brand Protection Team with a number of major successes in this past month, working alongside the respective authorities. But we do a great […]

18 Oct
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Surelock’s Bug Sweeps

Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps (Bug Sweeps) please be careful when arranging this specialist service, there are companies out there with little or no experience who will charge you a small fortune. It is so easy to purchase equipment off the internet or from an electrical retailer, then sell this service to unsuspecting clients who think you […]

25 Feb
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Victims of Fraud – only 1 in 1,000 cases solved by Police

It is about time the Government and Authorities recognised the expertise of companies like Surelock, who have the necessary qualified investigators to deal with fraud and white collar crime… See link…,Fraud%20victims%20short%2Dchanged%20as%20just%20one,1%2C000%20cases%20solved%20by%20police&text=This%20means%20just%200.1%20per,official%20data%20by%20The%20Telegraph

15 Jan
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Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Private Investigation Services

A great deal of our work nowadays focuses on our brand protection and fraud investigations, but we have an experienced team of qualified investigators who can deal with most things. Over the years we have successfully investigated an overseas murder, serious assault and rape investigations, major fire investigations, theft of valuable arts / antiques, worldwide […]

09 Dec

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – our Investigation Services

Whether you are a corporate business or a private individual, it is not easy to decide when to use a Private Investigator. First and foremost, ensure you are instructing a credible company, check them out and see if they are members of a professional body such as The Association of British Investigators. We have a […]

24 Nov
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Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Bug Sweeps

We treat our Bug Sweeps (Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps) very seriously and are instructed by large Corporates, Premier League Footballs Clubs, Law Firms and Private clients to conduct this important work. If a client engages our services, it is only right we can honestly tell them after the sweep is completed that their premises are clean […]

Ensuring Security: Preventing Data Breaches for Organisations

  ABI is an endorsed partner of the Law Society. ABI has both national and international membership and offers easy access to their trusted investigative professionals through their website. “Widely regarded as the leading professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond, we recommend the Association of British Investigators (ABI) to our […]