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09 Jan
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Protecting the Vulnerable: Beware of Covid-19 Vaccine Scams

Fraudsters are targeting elderly and vulnerable people and asking for bank details or cash payments for access to vaccines that are fake or non-existent. The National Economic Crime Centre is working with partners to urge people to remain vigilant. In the UK, coronavirus vaccines will only be available via the NHS, people will be contacted directly […]

Be Aware of “Your package has been seized” Scam

Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails that claim a package has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom. The official looking scam emails claiming to be from Royal Mail contain a link to document which will install malicious software on your computer designed to steal credentials like account […]

A Look At Some of the UK’s Most Devious Scams in Recent History

It is easy to dismiss scams as something which happen to other people; most notably we consider the elderly to be vulnerable to the despicable wiles of the conman, or maybe we think only those considered ‘less than worldly’ will be duped. However, recent reports show that none of us are immune to the attentions […]

Watch Out for Rugby World Cup Limited Lottery Scam

The City of London Police and World Rugby are warning fans to be vigilant regarding a growing number of scams in the form of fake lotteries or sweepstakes claiming to be connected with or authorised by Rugby World Cup 2015, Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) and/or World Rugby. Fans are being contacted (mostly via email), […]

Alert: Scammers are Changing Tactics to Commit Courier Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s (NFIB) proactive intelligence team is warning people about a new variation of courier fraud involving Foreign Exchange Bureaus. As with traditional types of courier fraud, the victim receives a phone call and they are told that they’re speaking to a police officer and that the police want them to assist […]

Avoid and Report Internet Scams and Phishing

Report misleading websites, emails, phone calls or text messages you think may be suspicious. Don’t give out private information (such as bank details or passwords), reply to text messages, download attachments or click on any links in emails if you’re not sure they’re genuine. Misleading websites Some websites can look like they’re part of an […]

Alert: Fraudsters Buy-Back Diamond Courier Scam

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s (NFIB) proactive intelligence team is warning people of a new scam dubbed “diamond buy-back courier fraud”. Information gathered by the NFIB’s proactive intelligence team suggests that boiler rooms operating from overseas (specifically in Thailand) are targeting existing investors of diamonds from victim sucker lists circulated by fraudsters internationally. How a […]

Facebook Sues Fake ‘like’ Scammers for £1.3bn

Facebook has vowed to “aggressively get rid of fake likes” on its network. The site said it had won more than $2bn (£1.3bn) in legal judgements against scam artists who sold fake likes to businesses. Many businesses buy likes to make their products or brands appear more popular. But Facebook said bumping up likes this […]

London Arrests over £1m Courier Fraud in South West

Police searched three properties in Tower Hamlets, East London Three men have been arrested in London as part of an investigation into a £1m fraud in south-west England. Search warrants were executed at three properties in Tower Hamlets, east London, where three 18-year-olds were detained on suspicion of fraud. More than 300 mainly elderly people […]