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31 Mar

ACG warns on-line shoppers

With the recent growth in online shopping comes a corresponding rise in safety risks for the consumer, becoming an easy target for criminals off-loading fake and sometimes dangerous product… https://the-european.eu/story-23480/do-consumers-care-about-price-or-product-safety.html

27 Mar

Operation CLOVER takes down prolific online traders in counterfeit goods this Easter

Surelock represented our clients Tiffany & Co, Alexander McQueen and TAG Heuer, as the ACG, Facebook and the UK IP Office’s Intelligence Hub joined forces in another collaborative campaign against online traders of counterfeit products… https://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/139/main-news/140042/operation-clover-takes-down-prolific-traders-in-counterfeit-goods-this-easter