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07 May

‘Crash for Cash’ fraudster sentenced

for Dangerous Driving and Fraud by False Representation, the man from Bolton deliberately caused a dangerous collision between three vehicles…

19 Mar

We have compromised many fraud operations that use COVID-19 as a key asset to run their scams.

These include:  1) Shipping frauds, internally for the company working globally in Countries such as Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Romania, India and Russia, to name a few  2) Fire investigations either corroborating or disproving the official findings 3) Thefts of antiques and valuable paintings4) Thefts of plant and machinery for the tool hire and construction industry Be careful […]

24 Feb

Actor who netted over £5,000 in benefits con

An film extra actor was caught out by secret filming after telling the Department of Work and Pensions he was suffering a severe level of disability.

16 Feb

Fraud ‘is now national security threat’

Fraud is the crime UK citizens are most likely to fall victim to, with members of the public being targeted by credit card, identity and cyber-fraud and the private sector takes the largest financial losses…