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26 Aug

Surelock – Can I afford to use a Private Detective?

Potential clients are often in a desperate state when they consider using a Private Detective, they will search the internet and usually make contact with the first one that attracts their eye, but in the back of their mind they are thinking “Can I afford this”. We at Surelock work to an hourly rate, we […]

19 Aug

Surelock’s Investigation Services

We are often contacted by members of the public and business owners frustrated that they tried to report a crime to the police, and it has not been accepted as such, on occasions they have substantial evidence and even named suspects. It is not easy reporting a crime to the police nowadays, usually this has […]

12 Aug

Surelock’s Cheating Partner Surveillance

Are you concerned that your partner may be cheating on you? A great deal of our surveillance work starts with a call from a nervous member of the public who explains they suspect their partner of infidelity, and they usually have good reason. It is not just the man in the relationship that cheats. The […]

05 Aug

What Can a Private Investigator Do?

Private investigators can help you with a variety of issues, whether this is to assist in criminal investigations, catch a cheating partner, or gather evidence of fraud. Our team at Surelock have come together to create a list of some of the main reasons why our clients come to us for our private investigation services.  […]

15 Jul

Surelock – Core Services

Surelock has a dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced team of professional private investigators and security consultants that work across London and the UK. It has been an incredibly busy time for our Brand Protection Team with a number of major successes in this past month, including one of the biggest seizures ever of designer perfumes, […]

05 May
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Surelock – Core Services

If ever you need professional help either as a private individual or business, Surelock has a dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced team of professional private investigators and security consultants that work across London and the UK. BRAND PROTECTION – We are one of the most pro-active successful Brand Protection Companies in the UK, dealing with […]

03 Mar
Private investigator case file min

Surelock – Why use a Private Detective

Whether you are a private business or an individual, it is a big step to employ a Private Investigator, when you do it is probably because you have a problem: – Most people will search on Google, but make sure they are members of a credible organization such as The Association of British Investigators Here […]

05 Jul
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Why Use a Private Investigator?

There are many investigative companies nowadays offering a whole range of services, some with a great deal of experience and others sadly with little, that is why when you entrust your investigation into the hands of a private company you should first see if they are members of a credible body such as The Association […]

The Device that Can Help Block Wireless Surveillance

A team of artists, technologists and designers in Germany have created a device which they believe can block wireless surveillance. The gadget, no bigger than a laptop charger that plugs into a wall and patrols the local Wi-Fi network for connected Google Glass devices, along with other potential surveillance gadgets like Google Dropcams, Wi-Fi-enabled drone copters, […]