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01 Mar

Surelock – Brand Protection Services

In recent years Surelock’s Brand Protection Team have been directly responsible for some of the largest seizures of counterfeit designer wear, high end watches and perfumes ever seen in the UK, resulting in criminal court actions, working with the authorities to take these -sometimes dangerous products off of the streets and assisting in the prosecution […]

27 Oct

Surelock’s Brand Protection Work

Surelock are one of the most pro-active and successful Brand Protection Companies in the UK, dealing with intellectual property right investigations on behalf of the clients we represent, both online and in the marketplace, we have been engaged in this specialist work for over 22 years. Active members of the Association of British Investigators , the […]

01 Mar
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Surelock’s Brand Update

Now we are all getting back to some normality, our Brand Protection team have seen an increase in counterfeit goods coming into the UK, being sold online and in the main counterfeit areas, especially Manchester. Our covert teams have been out and about identifying outlets all over the UK selling our clients counterfeits, markets, retail […]

06 Jan

New UKIPO survey…

Gauges the state of the market for counterfeits and the role that influencers play in helping to sell them…

06 Sep

Counterfeit Enforcement Action – Oxford Street

Enforcement action on retail stores during lockdown has been difficult, but Surelock took the lead here, gathering intelligence and evidence about a major store on Oxford Street, London, where they were selling designer watches at inflated prices and many other counterfeits. With our friends and colleagues from City of Westminster Trading Standards these premises were […]

Bognor Regis seller found with fake goods worth £18k has been sentenced

Another successful outcome for Surelock clients following an undercover operation in October 2018, when investigators first identified eBay seller Garry Warren selling counterfeit rock band T-shirts and hooded tops. In February 2019, Surelock investigators and West Sussex Trading Standards visited the sellers home and seized counterfeit clothing for many bands including Iron Maiden, The Beatles, […]