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04 Jan

Surelock Brand Protection 2024

As we start the New Year, think about your brands’ protection, how much revenue you are losing by not protecting your rights.  Surelock’s Brand Protection Team are part of one of oldest established Investigative and Security Consultancy companies in UK, consistently achieving some of the largest seizures of our clients counterfeits and policing the internet […]

13 Oct

Surelock the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Products

With Christmas rapidly approaching it is good to be prepared, and not to get duped into buying cheap, inferior and sometimes dangerous counterfeits, or even scammed completely, losing your money. There are massive dangers that come with buying things such as fake vapes/ cigarettes and fake make-up / cosmetics, which can be dangerous because they […]

16 Sep

Another Excellent Court Result

Counterfeiter jailed for selling numerous designer brands on Gumtree, including our own clients watches Hublot and TAG Heuer, congratulations to Falkirk Trading Standards… Click link for more details…

02 Sep
Brand protection

Surelocks’ Guide to Brand Protection

A guide to Brand Protection Brand protection is taking preventative measures against counterfeiters from violating your brand illegally by using your IP (intellectual property), your brand name, identity, and other trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs, and other types of IP. Whether you’re a business owner or you work for a large company, it’s important to understand […]

22 Feb
Counterfeit cigarettes

Brexit Warning:

UK faces the prospect of being flooded with counterfeit EU cigarettes unless it acts now…

25 Sep

Surelock working with Dublin Revenues (Customs) – Detention of Counterfeits

Really great to be working with the team at Dublin Revenue (Customs) who have been making regular detentions of our clients counterfeit goods coming into Ireland from China / Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other ports – we are very grateful for your hard work –     #smuggling #counterfeits #brandprotection #thankyou