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22 Feb

Brexit Warning:

UK faces the prospect of being flooded with counterfeit EU cigarettes unless it acts now…

25 Sep

Surelock working with Dublin Revenues (Customs) – Detention of Counterfeits

Really great to be working with the team at Dublin Revenue (Customs) who have been making regular detentions of our clients counterfeit goods coming into Ireland from China / Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other ports – we are very grateful for your hard work –     #smuggling #counterfeits #brandprotection #thankyou

Two Prosecuted by Caerphilly Trading Standards over Fake Goods

The successful prosecution of Darren Greenhaf follows an investigation and evidence provided by Surelock. Caerphilly Trading Standards have issued a warning for residents to be on their guard against fake goods. The warning comes after two men were prosecuted by Caerphilly County Borough Council for selling counterfeit goods and tobacco. Darren Greenhaf, 40 of Heol […]

Can Alibaba Knock Out Knockoffs?

Although Alibaba Group has been cracking down on vendors using its online marketplaces to sell counterfeit goods, consumers aren’t likely to be any safer after the company’s initial public offering. Counterfeiters are finding new ways of moving their goods. Brand protection firms, which hunt down fake versions of clients’ products online, say Alibaba Group, has […]