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07 Jan
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Fake NHS Covid-19 vaccination messages target the vulnerable public

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has received evidence of fraudulent text messages being sent to the public – the message ends with a link to a bogus website requesting personal details, including name, address and bank details.

Personal Security Threats in the Current Political Climate

While the issue of personal security frequently involves only immediate surroundings, it is an undeniable fact that extraneous situations can have a very real impact upon existing threats. Those within decision-making roles as well as the general public need to be aware of such risks as well as the ways that they can be mitigated. […]

A History of Locks and Security

Ever since the concept of ownership was established, locks have been around. Their history is fascinating, not only in terms of the evolution of the locking mechanism, but also in terms of the ways locks are implemented and their relationship to the different levels of security and the need to deter the variety of threats […]

Universal Door Lock On Sale After Inventor Raises £10k

A grandfather has helped answer the concerns of travellers across the globe by creating a portable lock which can secure almost any door in the world. Bob Fitzjohn, 66, form London, developed The EasyLock device at his kitchen table after raising more than £10,000 from crowdfunding website, IndieGogo. This device, which weighs less than an […]