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04 Mar

Surelock – Don’t get scammed

Fraudsters may use the situation in Ukraine as a cover story to get you to divulge personal details or move money out of your bank account. Please be cautious. Banks never ask you to move money to a safe account or ask you to share your passcodes or PINs. If in doubt, give your bank […]

01 Feb

Surelock – Investigation and Security Services

As we come out of this 2-year Pandemic, we have all suffered but people are now going back to work in their various businesses, so now is the time to ensure you and your employees are secure and safe. We at Surelock provide the following services that may help: – Security Surveys and Risk Assessments […]

15 Jan

Surelock’s Weekly Blog – Private Investigation Services

A great deal of our work nowadays focuses on our brand protection and fraud investigations, but we have an experienced team of qualified investigators who can deal with most things. Over the years we have successfully investigated an overseas murder, serious assault and rape investigations, major fire investigations, theft of valuable arts / antiques, worldwide […]

05 Jul

Why Use a Private Investigator?

There are many investigative companies nowadays offering a whole range of services, some with a great deal of experience and others sadly with little, that is why when you entrust your investigation into the hands of a private company you should first see if they are members of a credible body such as The Association […]

12 Nov

Accountant jailed after stealing £188K

St Albans Crown Court heard that the accountant from Hemel Hempstead, had used the money to fund an extravagant ‘City Boy’ lifestyle…

30 Sep
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Sim-Swap Fraud

How can you protect yourself from sim-swap fraud which is on the rise…

Report Insurance Fraud to IFB

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) are urging the Public to watch out for and report insurance claims scammers who are looking to exploit Covid-19 financial losses