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16 Sep

Another Excellent Court Result

Counterfeiter jailed for selling numerous designer brands on Gumtree, including our own clients watches Hublot and TAG Heuer, congratulations to Falkirk Trading Standards… Click link for more details…

19 Aug

News Update!

Working with Merseyside Police, cracking down on itinerant travelers, selling counterfeit perfumes to unsuspecting members of the public in shopping precincts… Link to article…

01 Jul

Surelock – What is Counterfeiting?

This is organised crime, these criminals know which brands are popular, they produce fake products that look similar to the genuine brand. Many also use the brand logo or copy everything about the product to make it look authentic. There are many products advertised online for less money or even the same price that are […]

07 May

Counterfeit notes

Police warn Facebook sellers to be vigilant following incidents of payments made using fake notes…

01 Mar

Another UK store found with counterfeit wine

Hastings supermarket faces loss of its alcohol license, following the discovery of counterfeit bottles of wine by Trading Standards…

22 Feb

Brexit Warning:

UK faces the prospect of being flooded with counterfeit EU cigarettes unless it acts now…