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05 Sep

Greater Manchester Police

Police officers under investigation as watchdog claims that GMP officers handled counterfeit goods…

05 Jul

Why Use a Private Investigator?

There are many investigative companies nowadays offering a whole range of services, some with a great deal of experience and others sadly with little, that is why when you entrust your investigation into the hands of a private company you should first see if they are members of a credible body such as The Association […]

25 Sep

Surelock Tracing Service

A law firm client contacted us recently, they need to trace a substantial debtor, other companies had tried but failed, not only did we trace this person, we served the necessary Court papers on a very surprised person in order that legal proceeding can commence. #professionalinvestigators #dedicatedresearchers #excellentresult #satisfiedclient

25 Sep

Surelock in Partnership – The Real Deal Campaign

Surelock are pleased to continue our sponsorship of the Real Deal, the theme of partnership in action underpins the Real Deal campaign, which, since its inception by the National Markets Group for IP Protection (NMG) in 2009, has been funded by IP rights owners and their representatives. In 2019-2020, these include: the BPI, the Industry […]

Ron Harrison of Surelock appointed ABI President-Elect 2019-2020

Surelock and the Association of British Investigators, are both very proud to announce the appointment as President-Elect for 2019-2020 the highly respected member and Governing Council Discipline Officer, Ron HARRISON. Ron has been a member of the ABI since November 2009, initially attending branch meetings, then got more involved sitting on selection panels for new […]

Are Private Investigators Only Hired By The Rich And Famous?

A question I was recently asked “Are private investigators only hired by the rich and famous?” and my answer “Absolutely no, not at all!” In this day of ever stretching resources, private investigators certainly fill a very important gap in many different areas. We are experts in our field, qualified, accredited and professional but with […]