2,000 Sites Selling Fake Goods Suspended in 2015

2,000 Sites Selling Fake Goods Suspended in 2015

Surelock is proud to have taken part in this operation

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has kicked started the New Year with the suspension of more than 2,000 illegal UK sites selling counterfeit goods, protecting businesses and consumers from rogue traders.

Announced on 13 February, the action taken by PIPCU was part of Operation Ashiko, an initiative in partnership with a number of brands, brand protection organisations and internet registries to disrupt websites selling counterfeit goods to unsuspecting customers.

The websites were selling well-known high end goods including fashion brands Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Longchamp, Abercrombie, Barbour and Oakley and jewellery designers Tiffany & Co and Thomas Sabo. However, the items sold were far from the desired brands that were advertised and were in fact just cheap and inferior copies of the brands. These included clothes, handbags, shoes and sunglasses.

Since October 2013, close to 5,500 websites selling fake goods have been suspended by the unit under Operation Ashiko and a number of brands have seen a significant decrease in the number of these sites in the UK.

Oliver Guimaraes, Managing Director of , a brand protection company who represent Thomas Sabo, said Since the start of Operation Ashiko we have seen a tremendous decrease in the number of websites selling fake Thomas Sabo products. This is excellent news for both the consumer and the brand and all down to the great work of PIPCU .”

If you represent a brand that is experiencing trademark offences online and would like to get involved with Operation Ashiko then PIPCU would like to hear from you.

Visit the PIPCU referrals page.

The unit publicised the success of Ashiko, along with preventative advice for consumers to ensure they stay safe and do not become a victim of counterfeit fraud when shopping online.

Read the full press release.

We have also put together ten top tips to keep consumers safe when shopping online and to help them avoid buying counterfeits and we are more than happy for you to share the link via your website, newsletters and social media accounts.

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