2015 State of Application Security Report

2015 State of Application Security Report

The illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material on the Web is extensive and growing rapidly.

State-of-Application-Security-2015_Report-CoverFor the 2015 State of Application Security Report, Arxan and iThreat Cyber Group (ICG) analysed data collected over the past 3.5 years that looked at the distribution of pirated software and digital assets on the Dark Web (i.e., the portion of content on the World Wide Web that is not indexed by standard search engines) and indexed sites that are focused on distributing pirates. Thousands of sites were analysed in the process, including over 50 that are in the business of distributing pirated releases.

The report describes:

  • The Volume and Nature of Pirated Software and Digital Assets
  • Today’s Distribution Model for Pirated Assets
  • The Economics And Business Implications Of Piracy
  • The Role Of Unprotected Applications In Enabling Piracy
  • Key Recommendations To Mitigate Digital Piracy

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