<h1 class="entry-title">Month: July 2015</h1>

A History of Locks and Security

Ever since the concept of ownership was established, locks have been around. Their history is fascinating, not only in terms of the evolution of the locking mechanism, but also in terms of the ways locks are implemented and their relationship to the different levels of security and the need to deter the variety of threats […]

ABI meet with Information Commissioners Office

Roger Bescoby and Mark Hodgson, members of the Governing Council of the Association of British Investigators, met with senior Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) personnel at the beginning of July in Wilmslow. The ABI Governing Council have been conscious that the Association would benefit from more direct dialogue with the ICO, and indeed all other stake-holder […]

National Markets Group Launches Inaugural Awards for Tackling IP Crime

At the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards conference in Bournemouth last week (Wed 1 July 2015), Leon Livermore, CEO of the CTSI presented the inaugural National Markets Group Awards. The National Markets Group for IP Protection (NMG), which consists of representatives from industry, enforcement and government, works in partnership to reduce the availability of counterfeit […]