Fakes in Manchester Raids Exceed £2m

Fakes in Manchester Raids Exceed £2m

On Friday 18th October 2013 Greater Manchester Police commenced  an ad-hoc disruption activity in Harris Street, Cheetham Hill, M8.

The police entered a couple of shops that were open to the public and seized a range of counterfeit goods including clothing, bags, UGG’s, Beats headphones, jewellery and watches estimated at upwards of £250 k

No trading names were observed on the shops just shutters. 4 people were initially detained, however 3 were subsequently released and the fourth, who was an illegal immigrant was arrested.

Yesterday’s major enforcement was co-ordinated by the National Crime Agency, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Trading Standards, UKBA, HM Immigration Services and respective trademark representatives.

Over £2 million worth of counterfeits were seized, press release as per:-

This is very much a disruptive exercise just to get the counterfeits off of the streets before Christmas.  Nearly all our clients were affected and other raids are planned in coming weeks.