“A truly wonderful review from a client and now good friend”

25 Dec
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“A truly wonderful review from a client and now good friend”

At Surelock, the Directors, Operatives, and Consultants come from a variety of disciplines like the Police, the Military, Private & Public Sectors, etc.

Many are retired Senior Scotland Yard Detectives and have developed an International network of Intelligence, with a really high-profile experience and exposure.

They are also members of the Association of British Investigators (endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales), the Association of Security Consultants (ASC), the Institute of Counter Fraud Specialists (ICFS), the Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce Integrity Assured (EPIC). Their hands-on approach, skillset, cutting-edge technology, and general resources are truly second to none, not only nationally but also internationally.

If you have any concerns, worries, queries or facing real challenges pertaining to:

·Personal and Home Security at every level (harassment, stalking, ID theft, arson, burglary, violence, blackmail, kidnap, suspicious death, high value art thefts, recovery of assets, devices detection, preventative measures, debugging, under-cover operations, Risk Assessments, Cyber Security, Electronic Surveillance, etc.),

· Public/Private Sector (Fraud, Cyber Security, Infiltration of Staff, Health & Safety, Internal Security Audits, Intellectual Property theft, Security Audits, Risk Assessments, under-cover operations, extreme crisis management, etc.), · Human Resources and Employment Law (Employee Misconduct and malpractices, harassment/bullying, sexual offences, Company Infiltration, Mystery Shopping, Intellectual Property, Fraud, etc.),

· Counterfeiting and Trademark Infringement (also assisting with authentication and legal proceedings, etc.),

· Sports Investigations (disciplinary enquiries, allegations of Crime, etc.),

· Travel and Personal Injury Insurance Fraud,

· Experienced expert witnesses and expert evidence (state of the art equipment, digital evidence, handwriting analysis, photographic or graphic evidence, ballistics and pathology, attending Court if necessary, etc.),

· Training (highly effective training packages for the Public & Private sectors, etc.),

Just pick up the phone; nothing is too small or too big for them to address, proportionately and both proactively and reactively, and of course as per your own requirements.

Personally, I would like to thank Mr Roy Herridge QPM (one of the most highly decorated Officers) and Mr Ron Harrison (President of the ABI and ex Scotland Yard Detective) not only for supporting me all these years with a number of cases in a proactive, professional and discreet manner, but also for continuously and consistently training me on matters pertaining to personal and business security that nowadays are not a luxury but an absolute necessity!

Your ethos, integrity, sensitivity, and strong morals have made all the difference to me. Thank you and your wonderful team, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.