Advice When Purchasing Olympic and Paralympic Tickets

Advice When Purchasing Olympic and Paralympic Tickets

The 2012 ticket ballot opens today.   The Met’s Operation Podium urges you to follow this advice to protect you, your personal details, family and friends from being exploited by criminals.

If you’re buying a ticket for the Games:

• The 2012 ticket ballot opens on the 15th March. You have until 26 April to apply for tickets through LOCOG as it is not first come first served;

• Only apply for a ticket online at This is London 2012’s official site. You can get a paper application from any Lloyds TSB branch, or from any public library in Northern Ireland;

• If you get a ticket for an event you can’t attend, you can return your ticket to get a refund through the London 2012 official ticket exchange. Your ticket will then be officially resold;

• Don’t buy a ticket from an unauthorised website or tout. You risk being scammed, and not getting the ticket you wanted and paid for;

• There are only three official providers for Games Breaks and Hospitality Packages in the UK – these are:

– Thomas Cook –

– Prestige Travel –

– Jet Set Travel –

• Other websites or companies will not be authorised to sell you a ticket as part of a package. Always check the terms and conditions to see exactly what you are being sold;

If you find tickets for sale before the 15th March 2011 or available from any unauthorised source at anytime, don’t buy them. They are not genuine. Report it to, London 2012 via [email protected] or your local police force.