Are Private Investigators Only Hired By The Rich And Famous?

Are Private Investigators Only Hired By The Rich And Famous?

Portrait of confident male entrepreneur in front of car and private jet
A question I was recently asked “Are private investigators only hired by the rich and famous?”
and my answer “Absolutely no, not at all!”
In this day of ever stretching resources, private investigators certainly fill a very important gap in many different areas. We are experts in our field, qualified, accredited and professional but with something a little bit special; we are approachable. I’ve chatted to people who just want to tell someone that something awful has happened to them and get some direction of how to deal with it. Sometimes it’s just that old saying of “a problem shared”.

There are companies that know they are losing money through fraudulent activities but just don’t know where to start unravelling and making sense of what is taking place, how to prevent it happening in the future or putting a package of evidence together to obtain the desired outcome. That’s when we are more valuable than you could have envisaged, and absolutely worth thinking about. Known for tenacity, we have assisted in many a court case where just that extra search provided the evidence that swung the case in the client’s favour, saving the possibility of huge costs awarded against them. There is something quite rewarding in knowing you are right and succeeding in proving it; sometimes you just need the help of someone who knows which direction to channel the investigation to prove that fact for you.
Budgets get cut and the thought of hiring a private investigator may feel hard to justify, but what if “ghost workers” are your scary thought? You’ll be amazed how often it takes place and how easy it is to task us to prove their existence for your company. Ultimately an investigation could save you more than money in the long run; a company’s reputation is often priceless.

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that sometimes the police just don’t have resources to find the evidence needed to classify a crime as worthy of investigation. That is where we can make a major difference. We can investigate and package the necessary evidence that makes that crime committed against you or your company one which shows there is evidence supporting the crime classification. Moreover, the eventual outcome may be the difference of a prosecution.

Health and safety audits can be put into place to check workers are adhering to company policy, which can make you significant savings in a court case. We have experience of regular checks with various companies where we report back failures and successes. Look at the bigger picture of what can be achieved; sometimes a pat on the back will keep that workforce you have trained, happy and content, sometimes it can save a life. Again, that’s priceless.

Peace of mind is sometimes invaluable. Surveillance can be performed to give you peace of mind, to prove something or to negate something. Our eyes and ears become your eyes and ears. Pictures say a thousand words. That could be a strapline!

So, how long is that piece of string? I’m not saying rich and famous are not welcome, but don’t ever let it think you are not worthy of our services because you are not rich and famous!